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Tesla Stock Price | TSLA Shares Chart Central Index Key (CIK): 1318605 | ISIN: US88160R1014 | Symbol: TSLA | Type: Stock.
Tesla, Inc engages in the design, development, manufacture, and sale of fully electric vehicles, energy generation and storage systems. It also provides vehicle service centers, supercharger station, and self-driving capability. The company operates through the following segments: Automotive and Energy Generation and Storage. The Automotive segment includes the design, development, manufacture and sale of electric vehicles. The Energy Generation and Storage segment includes the design, manufacture, installation, sale, and lease of stationary energy storage products and solar energy systems, and sale of electricity generated by its solar energy systems to customers. It develops energy storage products for use in homes, commercial facilities and utility sites. The company was founded by Jeffrey B. Straubel, Elon Reeve Musk, Martin Eberhard, and Marc Tarpenning on July 1, 2003 and is headquartered in Palo Alto, CA.

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Technical Analysis Tesla Stock

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Fundamental Analysis Tesla Stock

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Tesla Stock - an Investment in the Future of Technology

Tesla Motors quickly became one of the most promising companies on the global stage. In 2020, its cost exceeded $ 0.5 trillion. After the publication of reports for the third quarter of 2020 (the most successful in the history of the company), Tesla shares on the NASDAQ rose 3.3% in one trading day. In August 2020, Tesla decided to split the stock after hitting an all-time high of over $ 1,800 apiece to make it more accessible to private investors. They were split 1: 5, after which the price dropped to $ 400. By the end of the year, the electric car maker's securities continue to rise in price and hold at $ 640 apiece.

A Brief History of Tesla Stocks

2003 - the beginning of the history of Tesla, among its founders was Elon Musk;

2005 - the company launched the Model X and Model 3. In addition, Tesla Motors began to dynamically expand the network of Tesla Supercharger charging stations. Now it is a developed structure, and it is easy for electric car owners around the world to plan trips by tracking the availability of stations on a GPS map;

2009 - Musk announces the Tesla Model S five-door electric car. The start of its sales fell on 2012, since then the model has been repeatedly improved and updated;

2010 - the company successfully completed an IPO (initial public offering). On the first day of trading alone, the share price skyrocketed 41%;

2014 - an impressive success of the company, more than 55 thousand Tesla S cars were sold;

2019 - Tesla's revenue is growing rapidly. The main reasons for this are the launch of a plant in Shanghai, an increase in sales to 367 thousand cars a year and a demand for a budget Model 3.

2020 has been an unprecedentedly successful year for Tesla. In the third financial quarter, capitalization reached $ 390 billion (for comparison, in the same period last year, the figure was $ 40 billion). After four profitable quarters in a row, the company has conquered another high - at the end of December 2020, it is included in the S&P 500 index (the 500 most expensive US companies listed on the American stock exchanges). Against this background, the issuer's securities continued their growth.

What Factors are Helping Tesla Grow

Marketing. Musk knows how not only to run a business, but also to put on a show. An example is the campaign with the flight of the red Tesla Roadster to Mars. This masterfully crafted news item has spread all over the top media.

Active construction of a network of Supercharger charging stations along key highways throughout the United States. Another bonus that attracts drivers is the ability to use charging stations for free.

The company is increasing its production of cars. Production began at factories in Shanghai and Berlin. Thanks to them, the company is more actively moving outside the US market.

A company strategy that focuses on the pursuit of a dream. The main thing for Musk and his associates is to create a fundamentally new product. At the same time, the goal of making money quickly fades into the background.

The company lacks a rigid hierarchy. Any idea or question can be referred directly to the guide. Talented and promising specialists are selected for the team.

All of the above adds up to a non-standard business model even today. It is being analyzed now and, for sure, they will try to repeat it in the future.

Tesla Stocks: A Promising Investment Opportunity for Investors

In the fast-paced world of the stock market, Tesla (TSLA) has emerged as a dominant player and a sought-after investment opportunity. Founded by visionary entrepreneur Elon Musk, Tesla has captivated the market with its revolutionary electric vehicles and innovative sustainable energy solutions. For investors seeking to diversify their portfolios and tap into the growing clean energy market, investing in Tesla stocks can prove to be a wise move.

One of the key factors driving the appeal of Tesla stocks is the company's impressive financial performance. Tesla has consistently delivered strong revenue growth and exceeded market expectations. In the second quarter of 2021, Tesla reported record-breaking revenues of $11.96 billion, a staggering 98% increase compared to the same period last year.

Moreover, Tesla continues to dominate the electric vehicle market, maintaining a significant market share. The company's flagship vehicles, such as the Model S, Model X, and Model 3, have gained widespread popularity due to their cutting-edge technology, impressive performance, and sleek design. Tesla's dominance in the electric vehicle space is further solidified by its vast Supercharger network, which provides convenient charging solutions to Tesla owners, making long-distance travel viable and accessible.

In addition to its automotive prowess, Tesla is well-positioned to benefit from its ventures in sustainable energy solutions. Tesla Energy, the company's energy division, focuses on solar energy generation and energy storage solutions. With a growing global focus on clean energy and a shift away from fossil fuels, Tesla's foray into the renewable energy market positions it for long-term success.

Another compelling aspect of investing in Tesla stocks is the leadership and vision of Elon Musk. Musk's entrepreneurial acumen combined with his ability to push boundaries and disrupt conventional industries has earned him a cult-like following. His ambitious goals, such as achieving fully autonomous driving and establishing sustainable colonies on Mars, continue to captivate investors and industry observers alike. Musk's track record suggests that he has the potential to revolutionize multiple industries, making investing in Tesla an opportunity to be part of a future-driven mission.

However, it is crucial to note that investing in Tesla stocks also comes with its share of risks. The volatile nature of the stock market, along with increased competition in the electric vehicle sector, can result in fluctuations in Tesla's stock price. Additionally, regulatory challenges, supply chain constraints, and potential issues with scaling production could impact Tesla's profitability. Therefore, investors must carefully evaluate their risk appetite and conduct thorough research before committing to investing in Tesla stocks.

To conclude, Tesla stocks present an enticing investment opportunity for investors seeking exposure to the rapidly growing electric vehicle and clean energy markets. Tesla's impressive financial performance, dominance in the electric vehicle space, and visionary leadership make it a compelling choice for those looking to diversify their portfolios. However, it's essential to keep in mind the inherent risks associated with investing in a volatile market. With a thorough understanding of the risks and a long-term investment approach, Tesla stocks could prove to be a rewarding investment for astute investors.

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You should not cling to the words in this phrase, perhaps another manipulation from Musk on the market, regardless of the result of the vote, the holders of Tesla stocks will start selling on Monday, November 8, 2021. Musk may still blurt out something, it’s too risky to keep Tesla stocks on such high price.

He owns 25% of all Tesla stocks.
10% of stocks from 25% is 2.5%
Accordingly, he put up stocks for $ 30 billion for sale))

Of course we do. On Monday, Tesla shares are falling like a stone ...

3 Quarter 2021 Tesla stock Report Brief

Car sales generated $ 3.5 billion in gross revenue for TESLA.

TESLA somehow manages to spend $ 0 on advertising year after year, despite the fact that marketing is usually a significant expense for most other car manufacturers.

Tesla, on the other hand, spends an average of $ 2,984 per vehicle sold on research and development - often three times as much as other traditional automakers.

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! Ark Invest continues to reduce its stake in TESLA by selling another $ 66 Million in shares !

Ark Invest, yesterday slashed its stake in Tesla $ TSLA shares even further, fixing gains in shares as they showed some signs of recovery in recent days after several months of dull moves.

Ark Next Generation Internet ETF $ ARKW and Ark Innovation ETF $ ARKK sold 88,924 shares for $ 66.2 million (average share price $ 744.45) to the company led by Musk, the third such deal in September. Thanks to the latest sales, Ark Invest has cut its stake by a total of 272,572 shares this month, valued at around $ 200 million (average $ 733.75).

Ark Invest also owns Tesla shares through the Ark Autonomous Technology & Robotics $ ARKQ ETF. Wood at the same time is making big bets on the long-term potential of the Tesla company. And he predicts a rise in the company's shares to $ 3,000 at the end of 2025.

Each of the three ETFs holds Tesla as its largest asset and owns a total of 4.3 million stocks in the electric vehicle company, valued at $ 3.19 billion.

Global attention is constantly shifting towards renewable energies amid the challenges of climate change. The market for electric vehicles, accordingly, will continue to grow.

Investors looking to take advantage of the increased demand for eco-friendly vehicles have turned to Tesla (TSLA).

Indeed, Tesla has been a pioneer in the production and promotion of electric vehicles. It is the largest electric vehicle manufacturer in the United States. Tesla remains an attractive stock for growth, according to Wall Street analysts and investment bankers.

Accordingly, high-yield investors have tried to buy Tesla stocks in the recent downturns.

According to our own investor analysis here, over 5% of all investor portfolios on this site include Tesla stock in one form or another. Perhaps this level of interest from retail investors is not surprising. However, there are several reasons why investors remain optimistic about the future outlook for Tesla stocks.

Much of Tesla's overall profitability comes from the sale of electric car loans. The growing demand for them in the future should be very optimistic for those who believe that Tesla sales will grow over time.

Finally, the aforementioned infrastructure bill calls for the installation of 500,000 electric vehicle charging stations in the United States in the coming years. This would remove much of the infrastructure burden from companies like Tesla. In addition, the move could accelerate consumer adoption of electric vehicles. For industry leading Tesla, there are many people who might like these catalysts.

One of the main concerns of many investors regarding Tesla stock is the company's valuation. This position certainly makes sense given that Tesla's forward selling price is a multiple of 14.

However, some analysts remain optimistic about Tesla stock and there is a $ 1,200 price target for this EV maker. However, those living in the real world may find that Tesla's score multiplier versus major car manufacturers is completely out of touch with the reality of the automotive sector.

Wall Street's look at Tesla stock

According to the consensus forecast of Wall Street analysts, Tesla remains in place. Of the 25 analyst recommendations, there are 12 purchases, seven holds, and six sells for Tesla stock.

TSLA's average price target is $ 697.90. The analyst's target price ranges from $ 150 to $ 1200 per stock.

The future of the electric vehicle market looks pretty bright. It can certainly be argued that Tesla is far ahead of the competition in terms of manufacturing prowess and technology.

However, it is also trading stocks with a serious multiplier. Accordingly, any potential shock in the market could negatively affect the further advancement of investors.

There are many beliefs, sayings and practices on stock exchanges. For example buy the dip; sell in May; do not catch the falling knife; buy when blood is flowing in the streets; don't shorts TSLA and so on.

But how can you resist the temptation when the stockss of a powerful and cool company are falling by 7-8-10% at the moment?

After all, this is the right option to take at least 2-3%? Eh, if everything were that simple, then everyone would be fabulously rich.

I would like to give a couple of typical examples. This was especially true at the height of the reporting season. This is an unpredictable guessing game - long or short, because a good report can be lost, and a bad one can be overclocked. It's purely a bet on luck. It would seem that this is just an emotional and momentary reaction, quotes should settle somewhere in the golden mean.

Technical indicators on Tesla stocks on Daily Timeframe show this data:

Relative Strength Index (14) indicator for Tesla stock shows: 57.02 Value - Neutral.

Stochastic %K (14, 3, 3) for TSLA stock shows: 73.10 Value - Neutral.

Commodity Channel Index (20) indicator for Tesla stock shows: 51.74 Value - Neutral.

Average Directional Index (14) for TSLA stock shows: 13.45 Value - Neutral.

Awesome Oscillator indicator for Tesla stock shows: 22.51 Value - Neutral.

Momentum (10) for TSLA stock shows: −5.25 Value - Buy.

MACD Level (12, 26) indicator for Tesla stock shows: 8.59 Value - Sell.

Stochastic RSI Fast (3, 3, 14, 14) for TSLA stock shows: 56.21 Value - Neutral.

Williams Percent Range (14) indicator for Tesla stock shows: −22.18 Value - Neutral.

Bull Bear Power for TSLA stock shows: 18.46 Value - Neutral.

Ultimate Oscillator (7, 14, 28) indicator for Tesla stock shows: 50.94 Value - Neutral.

Simple Moving Average (50) for TSLA stock shows: 676.32 Value - Buy.

Exponential Moving Average (50) for Tesla stock shows: 679.15 Value - Buy.

Ichimoku Base Line (9, 26, 52, 26) for TSLA stock shows: 678.57 Value - Neutral.

The final summary analysis of the indicators shows: SELL 1. BUY 3. NEUTRAL 10.

It is also always interesting to see your constructive comments below.

I am a fan of selling stocks at the tops. But the question for you is who is now in the SELL of Tesla stocks .. what signal did you put on the Sell? I have tried everything. My technical analysis says only BUY Tesla stocks. Seriously, what kind of forecast or analysis for Tesla stocks do you use?

Tesla's car sales will be below expectations, after a dismal 8,600 in July. We note that the expected 10,000 Tesla vehicles sold domestically in China in August will be well below its consensus estimate of around 30 000.

It's important to remember that Tesla produced 62,193K vehicles domestically in China in Q2 and the company is reputed to have made 63.375K in Q3. So with 19,021K vehicles in July and August, that would mean Tesla would have to sell 44,354K vehicles in September to meet current consensus estimates, and the company has never sold more than 34K vehicles in one month within China.

Yes, Tesla's share price is falling contrary to logic, but precisely according to technical analysis. TA works yes


NHTSA says 11 accidents have been identified since January 2018 in which Tesla models collided with one or more vehicles. The investigation will evaluate the technologies and techniques “used to track, assist and ensure driver involvement” during autopilot operation.

This news could be a new catalyst for the growth of Tesla stocks.

Tesla plans to launch a Berlin plant in October.

According to CEO Elon Musk, the Gigafactory in Berlin may start production in October this year.

Experts say the event could be a new step in the company's development.

The construction of the plant started at the beginning of last year. Tesla is aiming for a leading position in the electric vehicle market in Europe.

Investors are concerned about the postponement of the plant's commissioning, which was originally set for July 2021. However, Musk said that this is due to bureaucratic procedures in Germany.

Tesla stocks are up 121% in the past year, but a global chip shortage has seen them decline from January highs.

Today TSLA is down 0.78% premarket and is trading near $ 711.6.

TSLA stocks knocked out stop losses. This means that today the security will fly up. As usual. And without stop-loss, it always falls down.

Tesla has officially confirmed that deliveries of the Cybertruck have been delayed until 2022 after months of hints at a possible delay in production. Now for sure Tesla stock price is down ↓

I'm waiting for $ 1000 today ... well, at least 900, okay, well, at least 800, please))

Oh, and you will have to wait for a long time)

Before the 19th, it will fly up when Tesla spends the day of Artificial Intelligence..

750 this week. The stock broke through the volume of the round level of 700 and went out of the range.

yes .. 750 is probably the minimum that we should see here in the next week

Excellent) who said to take today at 700. I said) The following landmarks at 800 maybe 850 |_0_|

Good afternoon!

Elliott wave analysis of Tesla stocks shows the following wave counting. In the short term, we can observe a downward movement of Tesla stocks.

Selling Tesla shares from areas marked with a red rectangle (exact values are marked in purple on the price bar of the window); targets in the area of green rectangles.

Wave analysis of Tesla Stocks from Simple Invest

All subsequent "waveform" is built from the impulse 726-707 $ (08/02/2021), while the top "C" in correlation waves 2 and 4 ("abc") was trying to catch at the level of the top of wave 1 and / or between 1 and 2.

It is also always interesting to see your constructive comments below.

The true maximum price for Tesla shares was $ 780-770 per share, based on the Elliott wave theory. The true ABC correction in the global "V" wave began on April 14, 2021. We will see the bottom of Tesla on October 11-15, 2021!

Very interesting. My technical indicators (MACD and RSI) also predict a fall.


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