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SPDR Gold Shares ETFsCentral Index Key (CIK): 78463V107 | ISIN: US78463V1070 | Symbol: GLD | Type: ETF.
SPDR Gold Shares is an investment fund that invests in gold. Its peculiarity is that its portfolio is fully backed by real gold bars, and the ETF itself is the largest private vault of gold in the world. The fund began its work in November 2004 and has already raised over $ 60 billion under its management. As of 21 September 2021 capitalization amounted to $ 43 241 033 728. SPDR Gold Shares (AMEX:GLD) index price online, charts, price history, technical and fundamental analysis, reports, dividends, comments and more.

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Technical Analysis SPDR Gold Shares ETF

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SPDR Gold Shares Fund Review

The fund's management company is the world famous SPDR State Street Global Advisors, which controls more than two dozen of the largest ETFs in the world. SPDR Gold Shares has an expense ratio entirely of management fees of just 0.4% per year.

An interesting difference is that ETF quotes do not follow an index or other indicator, but the current price of gold. The fund invests in real gold bars, which are actually collateral for its members. The dynamics of SPDR Gold Shares shares almost completely repeats the gold quotes on the London Bullion Market (LBMA), thanks to which it is possible to receive profitability in accordance with its real rate minus the fund's commissions.

SPDR Gold Shares are listed on the NYSE Arca, a member of the New-York Stock Exchange (NYSE), where they are designated as GLD. SPDR Gold Shares securities are traded on several other major exchanges:

  • Mexican Stock Exchange, BMV ticker GLD;
  • Tokyo Stock Exchange, TSE ticker 1326;
  • Singapore Exchange Limited, SGX ticker SGLD;
  • The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited, HKEX.

Since the SPDR Gold Shares investment asset is not stocks, but real gold, it does not and cannot pay dividends to its investors. SPDR Gold Shares cannot be called diversified, as all of its assets are represented by physical gold.

For the same reason, we can talk about its highest reliability, since all shares are fully backed by gold, and, unlike the assets of the stock or derivatives market, gold is definitely not in danger of default.

The volatility of SPDR Gold Shares is low - during a trading day, their price changes by an average of 1-3%. At the same time, the demand for the fund's securities on the part of traders is very high, which is why they are distinguished by significant liquidity and are traded with minimal spreads. Over the long term, SPDR Gold Shares often show calm but multi-year uptrends. There are also sideways movements on his chart, lasting several years.

SPDR Gold Shares is one of the largest ETFs in the world for investing in gold. ETF assets are 100% backed by real metal, which is sold by the management company only when it is necessary to redeem part of the shares. This allows the investor to be completely confident in the reliability of SPDR Gold Shares and the safety of their investments. High liquidity makes it possible not only to open long-term positions, but also to effectively trade the fund's shares on small timeframes.

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Interesting fractal flag formation on SPDR Gold

Technical Analysis SPDR Gold Shares ETFs (NYSE Arca: GLD)

Appears to be a fractal bull-flag formation on SPDR gold daily chart .

Also appears to be following a parallel channel .

Two distinct forms since 2020

Form 1 began with the kung flu crisis in April 2020. Hit the bottom of the channel at S1 (156.82) and rallied by 13.82%. It failed to breach the channel upper-boundary and began form 2 from there.

Form 2 began with the rejection at the top of the channel and has since followed the mid-line of the channel forming the 2nd bull flag .

My theory is that the flag form will lead to another test of support at S1 (156.62) and presuming we have another 13% rally from there we will breach the downchannel to the upside and

In principle resolution of this form should lead to a breakout of the downwards channel.

The breakout will re-test the resistance at 178 and likely break through it on a successive attempt presuming support at S1 (156) holds.

Upside target from there is 194.

This market is adhering to a rough fibonacci time outline so I expect to see this setup resolve within the last quarter of this year.

Entries around 156 exits around 178. Aggressive traders could also try for 194.

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