Currency pair - NZD USD
Sell at - 0.63169
Take profit at - 0.616
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The NZD/USD currency pair has been displaying a clear uptrend over the past week, as evident from the last green candle on the chart. This uptrend may make short trades more risky, but there is still a good opportunity to sell the pair targeting the 0.616 area.

One reason to consider selling the pair is the proximity of the resistance line and the upper Bollinger Band on the chart. These indicators suggest that the NZD/USD pair may be in an overbought state, making it a favorable time to enter a short position.

The resistance line acts as a barrier that the price of the currency pair has struggled to break through in the past. When the price approaches this line, it often sees a reversal or consolidation, making it a strategic level to watch for potential selling opportunities.

Additionally, the Bollinger Bands are a technical analysis tool that helps to measure volatility in the market. The upper band typically represents an overbought condition, while the lower band indicates an oversold condition. With the upper band close to the current price of the NZD/USD pair, it further supports the argument for a potential reversal in the near future.

Overall, while the uptrend in the NZD/USD pair may make short trades riskier, the current set-up with the resistance line and the BB upper band in close proximity presents a compelling opportunity to sell the pair targeting the 0.616 area. Traders should carefully monitor these key levels and consider entering a short position based on the indications provided by the technical analysis tools. As always, it is important to set stop-loss orders and manage risk effectively when trading in the forex market.


Take Profit NZD USD 156 points

Take Profit NZD USD 156 points
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