Qué Acciones Pueden dar Beneficio en 2022?

En julio de 2021, nuestros analistas presentaron una cartera diversificada de valores de EE. UU. Su rentabilidad total en 4 meses fue del 31,01% y los retornos de los principales índices fueron los siguientes: S&P 500 -6,71%, Dow Jones Industrial -2,51%, Nasdaq Composite -7,52%. Coinbase y Freedom Holding Corp. fueron las acciones con mejor rendimiento.

La nueva cartera de inversión para 2022 incluye acciones de 9 compañías y 3 ETF:

Welche Aktien Kaufen?

Welche Aktien Kaufen?Eine Schritt-für-Schritt-Anleitung zum Kauf von Aktien an der Börse für eine Einzelperson. Wo Aktien gehandelt werden und wie man sie kauft, Einzelheiten zur Auswahl und zum Zeitpunkt des Kaufs. Sie haben sich wahrscheinlich schon oft vorgestellt, wie Sie Aktien eines Unternehmens kaufen und viel Geld verdienen. Das ist nicht einfach zu erreichen, aber irgendwo muss man anfangen.

Warren Buffett sagte: "Kaufen Sie Aktien eines Unternehmens, weil Sie es besitzen wollen, nicht weil Sie wollen, dass die Aktie steigt."

FTSE 100 Index Futures

FTSE 100 Index Futures | UKX Indices ChartOverview of the UK's main stock index FTSE 100. Course on an adaptive chart online, trading hours and ETFs copying the FTSE 100. FTSE 100 (Financial Times Stock Exchange 100 Index) is the largest UK stock index and the main index of the London Stock Exchange (LSE). The basket is made up of blue chips or the largest capitalization companies that are traded on the London Stock Exchange. The total capitalization of the index basket covers approximately 80% of the capitalization of the entire British stock market. The capitalization of the FTSE 100 index is estimated at trillions of dollars. Futures and options on the FTSE 100 index are available on many trading platforms.

Elliott Wave Forecast: Hang seng Index Sequence Remains Bearish

Elliott Wave Forecast: Hang seng Index Sequence Remains BearishShort term view of Hang seng Index suggests cycle from 6.28.2022 high is unfolding as a 5 waves impulse Elliott Wave structure. Down from 6.28.2022 high, wave ((i)) ended at 19469.11 and wave ((ii)) ended at 20185.15. Index then resumes lower in wave ((iii)) towards 16906.96 with internal subdivision as an impulse in lesser degree.

Everi Holdings Inc. Stocks: Integration of acquired companies will provide 62.7% growth potential

Everi Holdings Inc. Stocks: Integration of acquired companies will provide 62.7% growth potential Everi Holdings Inc. offers customers entertainment and technology solutions for the casino and digital gaming industry. The company's business is divided into two segments:
Games — slot machines, lottery terminals, historical horse racing games and other gaming technology and related services.
Financial Technology Solutions — financial technology solutions that include access to financial resources and cash transactions through various service channels.


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