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Microsoft Stock Price | MSFT Shares Chart Central Index Key (CIK): 0000789019 | ISIN: US5949181045 | Symbol: MSFT | Type: Stock.
Microsoft Corp engages in the development and support of software, services, devices, and solutions. It operates through the following business segments: Productivity and Business Processes; Intelligent Cloud; and More Personal Computing. The firm also offers operating systems; cross-device productivity applications; server applications; business solution applications; desktop and server management tools; software development tools; video games; personal computers, tablets; gaming and entertainment consoles; other intelligent devices; and related accessories. The company was founded by Paul Gardner Allen and William Henry Gates III in 1975 and is headquartered in Redmond, WA. Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) stock price online, charts, stock price history, technical and fundamental analysis, reports, dividends, comments and more.

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Technical Analysis Microsoft Stock

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About Company Microsoft

Microsoft is a global giant in the field of computer technology, a manufacturer of software for PCs, smartphones, game consoles, etc. It is included in the S&P 500 index (505 American companies with the largest capitalization). In February 2020, the corporation once again became the most expensive company in the United States. Microsoft is a large proprietary computer software company. The brand owns production units in several countries, therefore it is considered transnational.

The company is widely known all over the world as the creator of the most popular software for personal computers and Windows laptops, Microsoft office programs.

Microsoft was founded in 1975 by Bill Gates and Paul Allen. It is headquartered in Redmond, Washington. Satya Nadella is currently the CEO. In 2019, the number of Microsoft employees was 144 thousand people. There are representative offices in many countries of the world. The company's software is sold in 80 countries and translated into 45 languages.

The brand is best known for the release of software - Windows operating systems. Also "Microsoft" is engaged in the development of programs for the processing of electronic working documents - Microsoft Office.

A Brief History of Microsoft Stocks

1975 - Bill Gates and Paul Allen proposed to improve the Basik language installed on a new personal computer. The deal ended positively, and the developers decided to create their own company Microsoft.

1979 - Purchase of a license to use Basik Apple language and Radio Shak.

1981 - Microsoft becomes a corporation. Release of the first OS of the company MS-DOS.

1983 - Announcement of the release of Windows - an extension for MS-DOS.

1995 - Windows 95 release.

2001 - Windows XP is released.

2009 - the appearance of Windows 7.

Since 2011, Microsoft has been expanding through the purchase of companies of different directions: Nokia (2013), Mojang AB (2014), PlayFab (2018).

In 2020, the company carried out a series of acquisitions - it acquired ZeniMaz Media for $ 7.5 billion, ADRM Software, RPA Softmotive, Metaswitch Network (a software developer for 5G networks), etc. It is expected that the acquisition of other companies will make the issuer's securities even more attractive for investors.

Microsoft surpassed $ 1 trillion in 2018. The company's revenue is growing steadily: in 2019, it increased by 14% compared to the previous year and amounted to $ 125.843 billion. Net income - $ 39.24 billion. The main reason for the growth is the development of the cloud business and office applications Office and Office 365. 2019 was a record year for Microsoft, and the company did not plan to stop.

Capitalization for 2020 for three quarters amounted to $ 1,597 billion (against 1,068 billion for the same period in 2019).

Thus, even in a relatively difficult period for the global economy, the corporation managed to defend its position, which also affected the value of Microsoft stocks. The fact is that due to the situation in the world and the global transition of companies to a remote format of work, the demand for a number of developer's products has significantly increased.

The exchange rate difference by the end of 2021 compared to 2020 will be from 13% to 16% according to the most conservative forecasts. Experts predict that the value of one of the most expensive US companies will be at least $ 245-250 per stock.

Buy stocks of Microsoft is worth those who seek to receive a stable return on their investment portfolio. The yield on securities also consists of dividends. The company pays them out in a stable and transparent manner. In November 2020, holders of the issuer's securities received $ 0.56 per stock.

Microsoft stock is a valuable asset, the value of which will only increase over the years. You can consider the purchase as a long-term investment with the prospect of growth, and for the purpose of making money on the exchange rate difference.

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Elliott Wave View: Microsoft (MSFT) Looking to Extend the Next Leg Lower

Cycle from 12.13.2022 high is in progress as a 5 waves impulse Elliott Wave structure. Down from 12.13.2022 high, wave 1 ended at 233.87 and rally in wave 2 ended at 245.77. Internal subdivision of wave 2 unfolded as a zigzag structure. Up from wave 1, wave ((a)) ended at 240.87 and pullback in wave ((b)) ended at 233.94. Final leg higher wave ((c)) ended at 245.77 which also completed wave 2. Wave ((c)) unfolded as a 5 waves diagonal where wave (i) ended at 240.8 and wave (ii) ended at 233.94. Wave (iii) higher ended at 241.92, pullback in wave (iv) ended at 236.66 and final leg higher wave (v) ended at 245.77.

The stock has resumed lower in wave 3. Down from wave 2, wave (i) ended at 237.40 and rally in wave (ii) ended at 241. The stock resumed lower in wave (iii) towards 225.96 and rally in wave (iv) ended at 229.89. Wave (v) lower is expected to end soon which should end wave ((i)) in higher degree. Afterwards, expect wave ((ii)) rally to correct cycle from 1.3.2023 high before the decline resumes. Near term, as far as pivot at 245.77 high stays intact, expect rally to fail in 3, 7, or 11 swing for further downside. Potential target lower is 100% – 161.8% Fibonacci extension from 1.3.2023 high which comes at 195.9 – 215.

MSFT 45 Minutes Elliott Wave Chart

Elliott Wave View: Microsoft (MSFT) Looking to Extend the Next Leg Lower

Elliott Wave Forecast: Microsoft Stock MSFT Should Drop After A Flat Correction Is Completed

Short term Elliott Wave View in Microsoft Stock (MSFT) shows an incomplete bearish sequence from 11.22.2021 high favoring further downside. Short term, rally from 10.13.2022 low is unfolding as an expanded flat Elliott Wave structure. Up from 10.13.2022 low, wave (A) ended at 252.62 and pullback in wave (B) ended at 212.24. Wave (C) higher is in progress as a 5 waves impulse structure before the stock turns lower again.

Up from wave (B), wave 1 ended at 231.60 and pullback in wave 2 ended at 223.90. MSFT then rallies again in wave 3 towards 247.97. Internal subdivision of wave 3, it has a shallow wave ((i)) ended at 225.86 and retracement in wave ((ii)) ended at 224.73.

From here, rally was strong to 245.59 to complete wave ((iii)). Then a zigzag wave ((iv)) took place ended at 241.20 and last push in wave ((v)) of 3 finished at 247.97. Wave 4 has taken the form of an expanded flat. Down from wave 3, wave ((a)) ended at 239.13 and rally in wave ((b)) ended at 249.83.

Expect wave ((c)) to end soon which also completes wave 4. Afterwards, as far as pivot at 223.90 low stays intact, expect Microsoft to extend higher 1 more leg to complete wave 5 of (C) and the whole flat correction as wave ((B)) before turning lower again.

MSFT 30 Minutes Elliott Wave Chart

Elliott Wave Forecast: Microsoft Stock MSFT Should Drop After A Flat Correction Is Completed

Microsoft Stocks $MSFT Elliott Wave Forecast: Calling The Decline After Flat

Hello Fellow Traders. In this technical article we’re going to take a look at the Elliott Wave charts charts of Microsoft $MSFT stock published of the website. As our members know $MSFT has recently given us Irregular flat pattern against the 294.26 peak. Once the stock completed flat correction, it made decline toward new lows as expected. Now $MSFT is showing lower low sequences in the cycle from the 294.26 high , which are calling for a further weakness.

Before we take a look at the real market example of Expanded Flat, let’s explain the pattern in a few words.

Elliott Wave Expanded Flat Theory

Elliott Wave Flat is a 3 wave corrective pattern which could often be seen in the market nowadays. Inner subdivision is labeled as A,B,C , with inner 3,3,5 structure. Waves A and B have forms of corrective structures like zigzag, flat, double three or triple three. Third wave C is always 5 waves structure, either motive impulse or ending diagonal pattern. It’s important to notice that in Irregular Flat Pattern wave B completes below the starting point of wave A. Wave C ends above the ending point of wave A . Wave C of Flat completes usually between 1.00 to 1.236 Fibonacci extension of A related to B, but sometimes it could go up to 1.618 fibs ext.

At the graphic below, we can see what Expanded Flat structure looks like

Elliott Wave Forecast: Microsoft Stocks $MSFT Elliott Wave: Calling The Decline After Flat

Now, let’s take a look what Elliott Wave Flat Pattern looks like in the real market

Microsoft $MSFT 4h Hour Elliott Wave Analysis 09.11.2022.

The stock has made 5 waves down from the 294.26 peak and now correcting that cycle. Current view suggests that $MSFT is giving us recovery against the 294.26 peak that is unfolding as Irregular Flat Pattern. When we downgrade charts to lower time frames , we can see waves inner subdivisions of A and B red are having corrective sequences. Wave B has broken the starting point of A while C has broken ending point of A which is characteristic of Irregular flat. Wave C red leg should complete as 5 waves soon. We expect (B) blue recovery to complete around 264.2-267.8 area as Flat structure.

Elliott Wave Forecast: Microsoft Stocks $MSFT Elliott Wave: Calling The Decline After Flat

Microsoft $MSFT 4h Hour Elliott Wave Analysis 09.18.2022

Microsoft stock ended (B) blue recovery at 267.39 high and made turn lower as we expected. Eventually the price has broken previous low (A) blue which was important confirmation that bears are taking control. Further weakness is expected in the stock as far as pivot at (B) blue peak( 267.39) holds. Short term cycle from that high completed as 5 waves- leading diagonal. It is labeled as 1 red which is first leg of wave (C) blue. We expect bounce in 3 waves in 2 red, before further drop takes place.

Elliott Wave Forecast: Microsoft Stocks $MSFT Elliott Wave: Calling The Decline After Flat

Elliott Wave View: Microsoft (MSFT) Shows 5 Waves Down

Short Term Elliott Wave View in Microsoft (MSFT) suggests rally to 294.22 ended wave ((W)). Wave ((X)) pullback is in progress to correct cycle from 14 June 2022 low before it resumes higher again. Internal subdivision of wave ((X)) is unfolding as a zigzag Elliott Wave structure.

Down from wave ((W)), wave 1 ended at 290.41 and rally in wave 2 ended at 294.07. The stock then continues lower in an extended wave 3 towards 276.20.

Internal structure of wave 3 shows that the decline from 294.07 to 289.04 ended wave ((i)) and rally in wave ((ii)) finished at 293.30. Further downside continues ending wave ((iii)) at 277.21 and shallow bounce ended wave ((iv)) at 278.78.

Final leg lower wave ((v)) ended at 276.20 completing wave 3. Wave 4 took the form of a triangle structure completing at 276.69 and last drop ended at 274.38 which ended wave 5 and wave (A).Wave (B) pullback is in progress to correct cycle from August 15, 2022 high in 3, 7, or 11 swing before the next leg lower.

As far as pivot at 294.22 high stays intact, expect rally to fail for further downside and break the low of wave (A).

MSFT 60 Minutes Elliott Wave Chart

Elliott Wave View: Microsoft (MSFT) Shows 5 Waves Down

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Microsoft announced an 11% increase in its quarterly dividend to 0.62 cents per share. The annual dividend yield is 0.8%, which is half the average for the American market. The company has been increasing its payments for 17 consecutive years.

Dividends represent a small fraction of free cash flow and profits. The payout ratio is only 30%. The rest of the available funds are sent to buy back shares, or remain on the balance sheet. Over the past year, $ 23.5 billion was spent on the buyback program, and $ 16.5 billion on dividends. The cash on Microsoft's balance sheet exceeds $ 130 billion.

Microsoft remains a growth company, so dividends are a bonus, but not a motivation to buy. The company's product portfolio is diversified and aligns well with key industry trends. The company's growth points are in the segments of cloud technologies, games, security products, LinkedIn. In the next 5 years, the average annual revenue growth should be 13% - at the level of the top 20% of the best companies in the US equity market. The share is in the portfolio under the active US strategy.

Share Price: $ 299.79
Quarterly Dividend: $ 0.62
Dividend Yield: 0.21%
Forecasted dividend yield for 2021: 0.83%
Last Day of Purchase: Nov 16, 2021
Registry close date: Nov 18, 2021

US stock indices Dow Jones and S&P 500 renewed records on Thursday after labor statistics, which indicated the continuing recovery of the US economy. Stocks of the largest US companies by capitalization - Apple Inc, Microsoft Corp,, Facebook Inc and Alphabet Inc, the parent structure of Google, rose in price and pulled the S&P 500 and Nasdaq indices with them. "The S&P 500 has hit another all-time high today, and for good reason," said Terry Sandven of the U.S. Bank Wealth Management.

Good Microsoft company. I buy stocks at any price. Last summer I took $ 212-220 per stocks, and this one took $ 280 each. In 5 years it will be $ 1,500 per stocks.

Imagine if you were buying $ 100 worth of Microsoft stock every month since 1987, who would you be now? The president would personally call you to find out how you are doing and would you like to sit in a restaurant today)))

The most stable Microsoft stock, no one knows when it will crash...

Good morning dear traders!

Consider a wave analysis of the very famous Microsoft stock.

Wave Analysis of MICROSOFT Stocks from Simple Invest

Patient investors have been gaining a position in MSFT stocks for 13 long years, and the price itself during this period was stuck in the consolidation of $20-37. However, look at the result: as of now, the value of Microsoft stocks has risen by 1000%, and the super cycle of growth of stocks itself has been going on for 8 years.

Moreover, during this long super cycle of growth, there have not yet been significant corrections. The recent news that the Pentagon is breaking a $ 10 billion contract with Microsoft shook the stocks price down 1%, but the next day MSFT stock price reached its all-time high.

Even during the Covid market drop in February-March 2020, Microsoft stocks fell by only -30% and left the price within the parabolic rally. For example, then the S & P500 fell by -35%, the DJI index -38%, and for example, the hype Tesla stocks by as much as -60%.

We see a medium-term target of growth for Microsoft stocks to $ 349-350, from where a long-term correction may begin to level of $ 60 per stock for MSFT.

Of course, against the background of such a powerful growth, it is hard to believe in such a deep correction. But it would not be a bad thing to test the strength of the top level of $ 60 per stock for Microsoft.

An alternative scenario is a breakout and fixation of the price above $ 350 per Microsoft stocks, then nothing will prevent the stock price from moving further with parabolic growth, and the long-term target will be the price of $ 825-880 per Microsoft stocks.

It is also always interesting to see your constructive comments below.

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