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The American corporation 3M operates in the fields of industry, health care, safety and consumer goods. It is one of the largest US companies. 3M Company shares are on the list of US dividend aristocrats. Over the past 5 years, the volume of payments to shareholders has grown by 8.1%. The company regularly takes action to repurchase shares and obtain additional returns. For this reason, 3M Company stock is suitable for investment portfolios of conservative shareholders who value payout stability. 3M (NYSE:MMM) stock price online, charts, stock price history, technical and fundamental analysis, reports, dividends, comments and more.

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About 3M Co.

The American corporation 3M operates in the fields of industry, health care, safety and consumer goods. It is one of the largest US companies. She was the first in the world to invent scotch tape, copiers and magnetic audio cassettes.

2 key factors for which investors around the world pay attention to 3M:

Focus on diversification. The corporation produces more than 60 thousand unrelated products: from office supplies and household goods to stethoscopes and respirators. At the same time, there is not a single direction that could trigger a significant rise or fall in profits.

Almost complete monopoly on many types of products. The original principle of the company was to enter only those markets in which it can single-handedly set prices.

Areas of activity and geo-focus of the business:

  • products for industry and transport (filtration systems, abrasives, product lines for car care and repair, etc.);
  • medical supplies (including stethoscopes, sterilization equipment, operating room consumables);
  • office supplies and household goods (scotch tape, notepads, fastening systems);
  • visual communication systems (films that increase the brightness of displays, equipment for video projection, etc.);
  • products for ensuring the safety of workers (respirators, helmets, ear muffs);
  • telecommunications and electrical engineering.

The company owns many brands, including the world famous Post-it, Command, Scotch, Cuno. 3M Company products are in demand in more than 200 countries. According to the indicators for 2020, 51% of revenue comes from the US market, 30% from Asian countries, 19% from Africa and Europe.

A Brief History of 3M Co Stocks from Simple-Invest

The beginning of the activity - 1902, Minnesota. It was originally planned that the 3M Company would be engaged in the extraction and manufacture of abrasives from corundum. However, the rare mineral was not found in the rock. Low-quality products led to a buildup of debt, so it was decided to urgently relocate the headquarters in Duluth and open a new plant in St. Paul. The company has taken the first step towards success. In the more than 100-year history of the corporation, it is worth highlighting the following moments:

1907-1909 - the appearance on the staff of W. McKnight and A. Bush, who developed an aggressive sales strategy: instead of communicating with buyers - direct visits to stores and contacts with customers.

1916 - payment of the first dividends.

1921 Patent for the first waterproof abrasive, significant business expansion.

1930s - the invention of scotch tape and its widespread popularization, which brought significant income and made it possible to invest in scientific research.

1947 - NYSE listing and collaboration with SONY, resulting in a new joint development, Magnetic Audio Cassettes.

1949 - increase in the number of employees to 10 thousand people.

1950s - Another portion of the investment in research that led to the emergence of the first copiers.

1959 - a significant date, 20 years of continuous sales growth.

1960 - overcoming the mark of an annual turnover of $ 1 billion.

1981 - change of the president of the company and restructuring into 4 sectors, which made it possible to neutralize the consequences of the oil crisis and the loss of the monopoly on magnetic cassettes.

1990s - record sales.

2000s - change of management and implementation of a strategy to reduce costs, which saved half a billion dollars in 1 year.

2010 - sales growth in all 6 areas, the best results are shown by the sector of electrical engineering and telecommunications.

2016 - implementation of new strategies for stock portfolio management, business transformation, increasing customer focus, setting priority areas; strategic transactions for the purchase and sale of assets; 6% of the proceeds are allocated for research and development.

2017 - an increase in sales by 5%, payment of dividends totaling $ 2.8 billion; sale of a fiber-optic business for $ 900 million.

2018 - change of the CEO.

2019 - reduction of 2 thousand employees in order to reduce costs, as a result of which the 3M share price fell by 12%; Foundation of Transportation & Electronics to oversee developments in the field of transportation technology and electronics; Acquisition of Acelity, a medical developer.

2020 - layoffs of 4,600 employees. The decision was made with the aim of restructuring and neutralizing the consequences of the global crisis. The plans are to prioritize business areas that have shown resistance to the pandemic. These are the e-commerce, repair, medical products and security sector. In particular, due to the demand for medical masks, the company managed to end the crisis year with the growth of all financial indicators - net profit for the 4th quarter increased by 43%, revenue - by 5.8%.

For most of the company's history, management has set the bar: at least 25–40% of all sales should come from products developed over the past 5 years. Through continuous innovation, research and implementation of strategies to optimize business operations, 3M Company remains afloat, demonstrating growth in financial performance even in crisis situations. For this reason, the company's shares are a reliable tool for generating profit for investors.

What is Important for an Investor to Know?

3M Company shares are on the list of US dividend aristocrats. Over the past 5 years, the volume of payments to shareholders has grown by 8.1%. The company regularly takes action to repurchase shares and obtain additional returns. For this reason, 3M Company stock is suitable for investment portfolios of conservative shareholders who value payout stability.

Today the corporation has no analogues. The reason is the almost complete monopoly in some business areas. The company adhered steadily to the principle of abandoning markets in which it could not dictate its terms. This fact attracts investors to buy shares of 3M Company - the reliability of securities is due to the lack of influence from competitors.

According to the report for the first quarter of 2021, net income of 3M Company increased by 24% compared to the same period last year and amounted to $ 1.62 billion ($ 2.77 per share). Real numbers exceeded analysts' forecasts. The volume of revenue amounted to $ 8.85 billion against the predicted $ 8.47 billion.

The company's management expects the share price to rise to $ 204.55-214.73 by December 2021. The revenue growth forecast for the fiscal year is 5-8%.

3M stocks are sensitive to global crises. The graph shows a clear downward trend in quotations in 2001, 2008 and 2020. Nevertheless, the company's management takes effective measures in a timely manner, and the securities quickly return to their previous level, continuing their traditional growth.

3M stocks are traded under the ticker MMM, the main market is NYSE. Factors that can affect quotes include the following:

  • the state of the world economy;
  • political events and reforms;
  • asset purchase and sale transactions;
  • the release of new products for which high demand is predicted;
  • investment in research;
  • reorganization of production;
  • staff reduction.

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MMM stocks bounced from their local minimum at 177.70 and began to move up.

I watched a security for a long time, as soon as it began to sag, there was a desire to go higher, but at a certain moment I stopped, decided to look at further dynamics, in principle I was not mistaken, after that the company still sagged, now I picked it up much lower.

I think that the future of the MMM company is good, in any case, we will see the growth of 3M stocks in the future. The company has a good diversified business, now it seems like there has been a reversal in stocks. I think in the medium term we will see targets for MMM stocks and even possibly go higher while we hold everything well.

Technical analysis of MMM stocks

The RSI indicator indicates the beginning of an upward movement.

BUY AREA $174.00 - $183.00

Target Profit Area : $193.00 - $202.00

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