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Quote CAD CHF (online), calculating the cost of a pip using an example. Review and features of the currency pair, technical analysis forecast, recommendations. The chart shows the exchange rate of the Swiss franc (CHF) to one Canadian dollar (CAD) online and makes it possible to use the main technical indicators to analyze it. The Canadian Dollar vs. Swiss Franc pair is often recognized as a carry trade vehicle because of the relationship between a low yielding, safety geared currency (CHF) and a higher yielding, growth related one (CAD). The CHF is considered to be safety geared and low yielding because of its reputation as a safe harbor and haven for foreigners depositing their wealth in a foreign private banking system. The CAD is considered to be a commodity currency because of its exporting of natural resources which makes it sensitive to investors' outlooks on global economic growth.

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Technical Analysis CAD CHF

CAD CHF Technical Analysis widget is a modern handy tool that shows ratings based on technical indicators data. The design of the widget is made in the form of a speedometer, thanks to which you can quickly see the results of the summary technical analysis. You no longer need to use many indicators for analyzing financial instruments, the widget will do it for you. In addition, all rating data are updated in real time. These technical indicators are used for technical analysis: Relative Strength Index, Stochastic, Commodity Channel Index, Average Directional Index, Awesome Oscillator, Momentum, MACD, Stochastic RSI, Williams Percent Range, Bull Bear Power, Ultimate Oscillator, Exponential Moving Average, Simple Moving Average, Ichimoku Cloud Base Line, Volume Weighted Moving Average, Hull Moving Average.

CAD CHF for Investor

The CAD CHF currency pair is a minor pair in the Forex market, due to which its level of liquidity is significantly lower than that of the assets of the major group.

It is a classic cross rate in which the American dollar is the third currency.

The CADCHF includes two significantly different currencies - the Swiss franc, which is characterized by stability, and the Canadian dollar, which underlies a developed, but nevertheless partially commodity-oriented economy.

The pair is not a highly volatile asset. The main activity in it comes from the movement of the Canadian dollar, since the Swiss franc is one of the calmest currencies on the market.

The greatest volatility in the Canadian dollar and Swiss franc is observed during trading in the American and European markets.

The peak activity of a currency pair usually occurs at the intersection of these two sessions. However, even at this time, scalping and other short-term strategies with the pair are not very popular. The reason for this is low liquidity and, as a consequence, fairly large spreads. Combined with low volatility, this makes medium- and long-term strategies most suitable for working with CAD CHF.

How much is a pip CAD CHF?

The CAD CHF currency pair moves on average 30-60 points per trading day. To find out how much you can earn on a 45 pip move, you need to calculate the cost of one pip. The following formula is used for this: Point price = Lot volume * 1 point

For CAD/CHF, the pip size is standard and equal to 0.0001. Accordingly, for a transaction with a volume of 0.25 lots, the pip price will be: 25000 * 0.0001 = 2.5 Swiss francs

To find out the value of a pip in dollars, you need to divide the resulting value by the current USD/CHF rate: 2,5 / 0,97794 = $2,55

To calculate the potential profit from a transaction with a volume of 0.25 lots and a leverage of 1:200, you need to multiply the cost of the pip by their number.

Accordingly, if CAD/CHF overcomes 45 pips, the trader will earn $115.03.

How to trade Forex with CAD CHF

The economies of the countries issuing currencies from the pair, although considered developed, have a number of significant differences. For example, Switzerland is a small state with a serious dependence on international trade - it imports large quantities of raw materials and exports industrial products.

For this reason, the CAD CHF exchange rate is affected by the state of the country's trade balance. In addition, relations with European countries, which are Switzerland's main trading partners, can affect the franc's quotes.

An important factor is also the general state of the world economy - thanks to the developed banking system of the state, the franc has won the title of a “safe haven” among investors in which they can save their funds in difficult periods.

The Canadian dollar, in turn, depends on price dynamics in the commodity market. Products important to the country's economy include oil, timber and wheat.

In addition, the Canadian dollar exchange rate reacts to news about economic and political relations with the United States, the country’s main trading partner. Exports play a significant role in the country’s economy, which is why the state of its trade balance, as in the case of Switzerland, can affect the national currency.

In addition, CAD CHF has correlations with a number of assets, including a direct relationship with the USD/CHF pair and an inverse relationship with the EUR/CAD.


CAD/CHF pair is trading in a local downtrend which we know by looking at the previous 1W candle which is red. On the 12H timeframe the pair is going down too. The pair is oversold because the price is close to the lower band of the BB indicator. So we are looking to buy the pair with the lower BB line acting as support. The next target is 0.653 area.

CAD CHF Forecast
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