The 10 Essentials of Forex Trading

Trading the Forex Market can be exciting, adventurous, and financially rewarding. It can also be disastrous for those who are unprepared for its rhythms and movements.

The 10 Essentials of Forex Trading: The Rules for Turning Trading Patterns Into Profit Buy Now

Now, Jared F. Martinez, one of the foremost experts in currency trading, draws upon his vast knowledge and experience to deliver 10 key practices for trading in Forex. The 10 Essentials of Forex Trading shows you how to use charting methods to effectively relate market movements to trading patterns-and turn those patterns into profit.

No matter your level of trading experience, you can develop the skills you need to become a consistently successful foreign currency trader-from using the right trading tools and balancing equity management to trading in buy and sell zones and identifying trends and trendlines. You'll discover what drives the Forex market and how to navigate the three stages of Forex trading: acquiring new trading rules, controlling disciplined thought, and implementing disciplined action.

Martinez also prepares you to:

  • Understand the financial game of support and resistance between Bulls & Bears
  • Use Japanese Candlesticks to discern the sign language of the market
  • Create an entry strategy and a consistent exit strategy
  • Use Fibonacci as part of your trading approach
  • Forecast sideways movement in the market-and trade it

Martinez shows you how to put it all together to execute a successful trade by finding convergence and analyzing the market on multiple timeframes. You'll also learn how to gain control over your emotions-a vital part of trading on Forex-and eliminate bad habits that can prevent you from becoming a confident, competent, and profitable trader.

To trade the Forex market, you must come to the trading table prepared. The 10 Essentials of Forex Trading arms you with the tools to develop a solid personal trading constitution and reap the financial outcome you desire.

From the Back Cover

Follow and forecast the Forex market-and start profiting today.

With $1.5 trillion traded daily, Forex offers you a huge opportunity for tremendous profit-if you are fully prepared to analyze and ride its intense ups and downs.

Now, renowned trading expert Jared Martinez has distilled his proven forecasting methods and trading strategies into a practical how-to guide for successfully trading on Forex. The 10 Essentials of Forex Trading reveals must-know methods for understanding and forecasting the market, complete with charting methods and insights that let you begin trading currencies immediately. Taking on the role of personal mentor, Martinez helps you get a handle on the technical as well as emotional aspects of trading, giving you the tools to:

  • Develop a consistent trading strategy
  • Successfully relate market movements to trading patterns-and trade those patterns for tremendous profit
  • Master Fibonacci, Japanese Candlesticks, and other charting methods
  • Learn disciplines and habits to become a better trader
  • Analyze Forex on multiple timeframes
  • Make the market movements work for you
  • Protect yourself should the market not go your way-and maximize your profit if it does

“Authored by a man of great character, this book is not only fascinating and innovative in the financial realm, but the spirit of his mantra infuses itself throughout: Life is not about what we acquire, rather what we become.” - Stephen R. Covey, author, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and The 8th Habit: From Effectiveness to Greatness

“Jared's book on Forex trading is a must for both seasoned and beginning traders of Forex. His personal litmus test was particularly enjoyable as it encompasses the most important thing a trader faces. That is, himself. The book is filled with excellent descriptions, trends, buy and sell zones and how to handle the fundamental events. His description of the Fibonacci sequence of numbers and how it relates to nature will be enjoyable to all readers. This book should be in every trader's library.” - Larry Pesavento

About the Author

Jared F. Martinez is the founder of Market Traders Institute, Inc., the worldwide leader in Forex education with more than 10,000 clients. Martinez is the founder of the I-TradeFX Brokerage Firm and is globally renowned in all trading arenas. He is best known for trading the natural Fibonacci movements in the market that help traders turn patterns into profit. He is also a contributor to “FX Television,” Stocks and Commodities, FX Street, and Active Trader. Martinez has mentored thousands of traders, from novices to experts.

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As an experienced Forex Trader I can assure you that most of the reasons traders lose money is due to the complexity of the forex market and the various number of confusing indicators that most educators encourage you to use. In reality it is your discipline, patience and persistance which will make you profitable. This book encourages you to have a trading plan; using a selected number of indicators looking for a convergence between them. It also focuses very heavily on your mindset which is paramount for success. Irrespective of your level of knowledge and trading experience in Forex...this book is great value for all traders. To your success...

I thought this was a great book to get you started on the fundamentals of trading and what to look for in the way of patterns and candlesticks and fibonacci etc, but it woould be more of an overview and you would probably have to follow this book up with some more indepth books / courses to build on the information on this book.

You won't be disappointed in The 10 Essentials of Forex Trading. I've read it from front to back and find it the perfect learning tool. It has really helped me put Forex Trading into a good perspective. I was attracted by the title of 10 essentials and wanted a good reference book. It is easy to follow and makes the Forex learning experience easier to understand. I'm ready to put what I've learned to work. So should you. Highly recommended.

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