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Walt Disney Company is one of the leading corporations in the entertainment industry and the giant of the US stock market. Disney stocks are classified as American Blue Chips. Stocks have high liquidity and are in demand by investors around the world. They are characterized by low volatility, which ensures low investment risks. Walt Disney stocks are included in the leading US stock indices: Dow Jones, S&P 500, etc. Walt Disney (NYSE:DIS) stock price online, charts, stock price history, technical and fundamental analysis, reports, dividends, comments and more.

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About Walt Disney Co.

The company was founded on October 16, 1923. The first name is Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio. The founders are brothers Walter and Roy Oliver Disney. Already the first short animation projects, including "Mickey Mouse", "Alice", "Snow White", brought a celebrity and eventually turned a small studio into a large corporation with a worldwide reputation and a multi-billion dollar turnover.

The company develops its activities in three directions:

  • creation of media content;
  • support for Disneylands;
  • sale of souvenir products.

The company is headquartered in Burbank, California. Walt Disney theme parks, resorts and film studios have spread all over the world.

A Brief History of Walt Disney Stocks

98 years ago in Los Angeles, Walt and Roy Disney opened a semi-artisan animation studio in a rented garage. This was followed by a series of events that led the company to worldwide fame.

1924 - the creation of the first animated film "Alice in Wonderland", which brought the founders their first income and allowed the company to be renamed the Walt Disney Company.

1928 - "birth" of Mickey Mouse in the cartoon "Steamboat Willie", which became the world's first drawn film with synchronized sound.

1929 - 1939 - the appearance of the iconic characters who made up the identity of Walt Disney: Pluto, Goofy, Donald Duck. They opened up new branches in the business: comics, merchandise, the use of imagery in advertising.

1937 - the adaptation of the cartoon "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs", which brought the company a colossal income for those times - more than $ 8 million and a lot of positive press reviews.

1940 - The appearance of Pinocchio, the cartoon that is still considered the best creation of Walt Disney. The work won the first Oscar for the best musical accompaniment for the film studio.

1955 - The emergence of Disneyland near Los Angeles, the first in a series of amusement parks.

1964 - the release of Mary Poppins, which won 5 Oscars.

1966 - Death of Walt Disney. Brother Roy Disney took over the management of the company.

1983 - Launch of its own pay-per-view cable channel.

1988 - For the first time, the company was the leader in terms of box office receipts.

1993 - Purchase of the Miramax Films film studio from the Weinstein brothers.

2003 - Record box office receipts of over $ 300 million for two films.

2006 - Purchase of Pixar Studios.

2009 - Purchase of Marvel.

2012 - acquisition of the Lucasfilm film company together with the Star Wars franchise for $ 4 billion.

2013 - the release of the full-length cartoon "Frozen", which became the highest-grossing animation project in the history of world cinema.

Since 2015, Walt Disney has been releasing a line of dolls that personify the heroines of their own works.

What is Important for an Investor to Know?

In 2020, Disney entered the top 10 most expensive brands in the world according to the American portal Interbrand, taking a place between McDonald’s and BMW. The trading volume of Disney shares on the NYSE is more than $ 10 million, which indicates a high popularity among traders.

Disney stocks are classified as American Blue Chips. They have high liquidity and are in demand by investors around the world. They are characterized by low volatility, which ensures low investment risks. Walt Disney shares are included in the leading stock indices: Dow Jones, S&P 500, etc. Daily fluctuations in value rarely exceed 1―4%.

As of May 17, 2021, Disney's capitalization is more than $ 315 billion. The brand value is $ 61.3 billion, which is one of the 10 highest in the world.

Specialists of one of the largest banks in the world, Bank of America, called Disney stocks one of the most promising in the field of telecommunications services. Analysts note that risks associated with trade nuances have diminished, and macroeconomic signals are starting to stabilize. Even in the midst of uncertainty in the market, Disney stock performed well.

Now, most traders see the entertainment giant's stock as an opportunity to invest in the corporation-bought Star Wars franchise. Comics and science fiction are trending, which has a positive effect on Disney stocks. In addition, amusement parks and themed resorts occupy a major niche. Therefore, Disney securities are the best option for investors who prefer to cover several market segments at once.

The abundance of successful subsidiaries such as Marvel, 20th Century Fox, Disney Nature, allows the corporation to almost completely control the sectors of the media market. This makes Disney shares even more attractive to international shareholders.

The Walt Disney Corporation pays dividends to holders of securities in the amount of 0.6―0.8% twice a year.

Disney recently invested a significant amount in a startup to develop a VR movie player. Actively promotes streaming service. Already, 100 million people have subscribed to the company's streaming videos, with plans to increase that number to 250 million by 2024. All this favorably affects the stability of the company's stocks.

In 2021, the Walt Disney Company is going to enter the Eastern European market. California is slated to launch new theme parks. The corporation raises prices for monthly subscriptions and movie viewing on the first day of the film adaptation. According to the company's forecasts, this should compensate for the losses of 2020.

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Walt Disney Stock Forecast — Prediction for 2024

Walt Disney Stock Forecast — Prediction for 2024

Shares of Walt Disney (DIS) came under pressure, closing 4.2% lower on Tuesday, after the company provided Q4 estimates for its global paid subscribers. Its numbers failed to impress investors.

Speaking at Goldman Sachs’ annual Communacopia conference, Walt Disney CEO Bob Chapek said that the company’s global paid subscribers would increase by “low single-digit millions” in Q4, compared to Q3.

This compares unfavorably with the prior quarter. Notably, Disney added 14.7 million global paid subscribers in Q3. Chapek cited COVID-19 induced production delays and the annual expiration of many subscriptions in India as the reasons behind the moderation in subscriber growth.

Nevertheless, Chapek remains confident about the long-term subscriber growth. Moreover, he expects the momentum in the core market to sustain, with steady growth in subscribers both in the domestic and international segments. Furthermore, he expects to reclaim all the subscribers in India.

In response to Disney’s Q4 subscriber growth guidance, Brandon Nispel of KeyBanc termed it as “a very modest incremental negative.” Nispel remained upbeat over the long-term subscriber growth and maintained a Buy rating with a price target of $225 (31.5% upside potential).

The Walt Disney Company (DIS) has been trading on the New York Stock Exchange since 1957. It is a leading media and entertainment stock, operating with a broad range of businesses.

Yet, despite a loyal and sizable investor and customer base, DIS stock has been under pressure over the past couple years.

The pandemic caused DIS stock a significant amount of strife. Pandemic-related restrictions led to the shuttering of many core assets. Disney’s parks, cruises, and hospitality businesses all saw revenues flatline in 2020, and into 2021.

However, the tides have begun turning, in a big way. This past quarter, Disney saw impressive profitability with its core parks business that surprised even the most bullish analysts.

I remain extremely bullish on DIS stock from a long-term perspective.

Walt Disney Stock Analysis & Ratings

The Walt Disney stock analysis is based on the TipRanks Smart Score which is derived from 8 unique data sets including Analyst recommendations, Crowd Wisdom, Hedge Fund Activity, Media Sentiment and multiple Technical stock factors.

The Smart Score is a quantitative, data-driven rating system and does not include human intervention.

Walt Disney Stock Forecast & Price Targets

Based on 20 Wall Street analysts offering 12 month price targets for Walt Disney in the last 3 months.

The average price target is $217.79 with a high forecast of $263.00 and a low forecast of $185.00.

The average price target represents a 23.02% change from the last price of $177.04.

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