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Cisco Systems Stock Price | CSCO Shares Chart Central Index Key (CIK): 0000858877 | ISIN: US17275R1023 | Symbol: CSCO | Type: Stock.
Cisco Systems is the largest multinational company that operates in the field of information technology, telecommunications equipment and computing technology. The reliability and stability of the company is confirmed by the inclusion of Cisco stocks in the Dow Jones 30 American blue chip index. The company has consistently demonstrated strong financial results. Cisco stocks are included in investment portfolios, they are also used for active trading. Provide investors looking for dividend growth with some diversification. Cisco (NASDAQ:CSCO) stock price online, charts, stock price history, technical and fundamental analysis, reports, dividends, comments and more.

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Technical Analysis Cisco Stock

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Fundamental Analysis Cisco Stock

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About Cisco Systems

Cisco is a developer and manufacturer of network equipment: routers, switches, modems, technical security equipment, etc. Cisco shares are interesting against the background of the growth of digitalization in the world, this increases the demand for Cisco products, which is one of the key players in the market. The company also has good prospects thanks to the development of 5G networks and the demand for cloud services.

The history of the company began at the end of 1984 in San Francisco. Its founders - spouses Leonard Bosak and Sandra Lerner - were employees of Stanford University. Already 2 years after the foundation, the first product was released under the brand - a router for the TCP / IP protocol package. The name of the company is an abbreviation for San Francisco. Initially, it was written with a small letter "c" - cisco Systems, since the name Cisco was already registered. Over time, the official name was changed to Cisco Systems, Inc.

The corporate headquarters are located in San Jose (USA, California), Amsterdam (Netherlands), Bangalore (India). The number of employees exceeds 63 thousand specialists. The company develops its activities in three directions:

  • America;
  • Europe, Middle East and Africa;
  • Asian-Pacific area.

The main products and technologies of the corporation:
  1. Infrastructure platforms - switches, routers, data center and wireless products. Together, their capacities provide networking, transmission and storage of information.
  2. Applications - offers related to software. They use different platforms: main network, data centers.
  3. Security. This includes innovative unified threat management products to protect against them. The company offers products for network security, cloud and email security, identity and access management.
  4. Other products - video technologies, architectures for business transformation, etc.

The corporation also offers technical support and advanced services. It serves businesses of all sizes, government agencies, governments, and others. The company sells its products and services directly and through intermediaries. Its divisions are actively developing innovative software.

A Brief History of Twitter Stocks

1988 - The company was taken over by Donald T. Valentine, a venture capitalist. John Morgridge was named President and CEO.

1990 - leaving the company of founders. Sandra was fired, and Leonard wrote a statement.

1994 - Corporation revenues exceeded $ 1 billion.

1995 - John T. Chambers is named CEO of Cisco, Morgridge is vice chairman, and Valentine is chairman. In the same year, the company entered the CIS market. Today it has offices in Ukraine, Russia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan.

1996 - StrataCo, a company specializing in the production of switching equipment, is bought for more than $ 4.5 billion. This allowed Cisco Systems to occupy a niche in the ATM equipment market. Total for 1995-1996. 11 important acquisitions were made.

1998 - The corporation acquired a significant stake in the Internet telephony industry through the purchase of LightSpeed International, Inc and Selsius Systems, Inc. This year was marked for the company by an increase in its market value to $ 100 billion. Revenue was $ 12.15 billion - 6 times more than 3 years before, when the indicators reached $ 1.98 billion.

1999 - the corporation bought 17 companies. Among them: GeoTel Communications Corp, Cerent Corporation, Aironet Wireless Communications Inc., Italy Pirelli S.p.A. These acquisitions allowed us to carve out a niche in two other areas: fiber optic and wireless.

2013 - Deal closed resulting in purchase of Composite Software, Inc.

2015 - Chuck Robbins took over as CEO.

Cisco acquires growing companies in eligible segments to strengthen and expand its hardware and software offerings. This creates a solid platform for future growth.

The capitalization of Cisco Systems corporation today is over $ 225 billion. At the height of the dot-com boom, Cisco was the most expensive business in the world. Then the capitalization of the company as of March 2000 reached its maximum - $ 555.4 billion. Since then, the stocks price has dropped significantly, and then recovered at a slow pace.

The current price of one stock as of 05/12/2021 was $ 53.38. According to the forecast, in a year it should reach $ 65 (+ 21.77%). Revenue is expected to increase by 6% in 2022. Analysts believe that Cisco shares are undervalued by the market at the forward P / E ratio. Investors have yet to acknowledge the effectiveness of Cisco's ongoing transformation into a stable income company. Corporate securities can show growth.

The undervaluation of the corporation's shares and the high dividend yield make it possible to bet on Cisco. Reuters conducted a poll, according to which analysts look at the company's shares with a moderate positive. Eleven of them recommend buying her securities, and seventeen advise keeping them in a portfolio.

The main trading platform on which Cisco shares are traded is the NASDAQ stock exchange. They have been assigned the ticker CSCO. The company went public in 1990. Initially, the price of shares at the IPO was about 6 cents. Over the decades, it has grown almost 900 times. Earn on securities of Cisco Systems, Inc. can be done in two ways - by changing the value of shares or receiving dividends from them.

The company is distinguished by rather attractive and growing dividend payments. Since 2011, it has been raising dividends. 45-50% of net profit is used for payments. Shareholders receive them on a quarterly basis in the amount of 2.5-3.5% per annum. In different periods, earnings per share of the corporation ranged from $ 0.06 to $ 0.37.

More than 99% of the shares of Cisco Systems are in free circulation. There are about 50 thousand of their owners. Among the major holders, it is worth noting BlackRock Inc., which controls 6.1% of the issuer's securities, and Vanguard Group, which owns 5.5% of the total share of all issued shares.

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After a strong rally from $ 54.5 per stocks on Aug 19, Cisco's stocks price failed to break through the key $ 60 resistance level. And the price rolled back down to $ 59 per stocks - where it is traded on the stock exchange now. Trade volumes are growing.

Perhaps the price will start to rise - and in case of a positive movement - we will see the bulls breakout the important psychological level of $ 60.

If the level of $ 60 is not broken, the price will begin to obey the will of the bears, which will reduce the price of Cisco stocks to $ 50.

Cisco CSCO is a company with constant revenues of $ 49 billion over the past 5 years. And for the next year they predicted + 5 - 7% growth.

Net profit can also be said to be constant $ 11 billion (22.4%), and FCF = $ 15 billion. Of this, $ 6 billion is spent on dividends and $ 2.7 on stocks buybacks. The rest is for debt repayment and small purchases. Over 5 years, the debt has decreased from $ 24 billion to $ 9 billion.

In general, the picture for 5 years is disingenuous. The company makes a stable income and returns all the money to shareholders or directs it to reduce the debt burden.

One of the key risks the company sees is competition from Chinese manufacturers. Huawei in the first place.

Total for Cisco securities:
Cisco shares are one way to invest in trends with relatively little risk.

Hello dear traders and investors.

Today we will look at the stocks of the Cisco (CSCO) company.

Forecast and Technical Analysis of Cisco Stocks

The stocks price has reached the top of the consolidation - 58$.

On the chart, we see the primary pattern - a large double bottom.

The secondary pattern is a Rising Wedge in Cisco stocks.

It follows from this that the stocks price will fall in the area of 50 - 48 dollars. And then there will be an impulse wave in the region of $ 68-70 per stocks CSCO.

Alternative scenario: If the price consolidates below $ 48, then a fall to the area of $ 40 per share is possible.

What are the technical indicators for Cisco stocks? Daily Timeframe

MACD (12, 26) indicator for Cisco stock shows: 1.11 Value - Buy.

Relative Strength Index (14) for CSCO stock shows: 74.80 Value - Neutral.

Stochastic %K (14, 3, 3) for Cisco stock shows: 92.55 Value - Sell.

Commodity Channel Index (20) for CSCO stock shows: 184.91 Value - Sell.

Momentum (10) for Cisco stock shows: 3.49 Value - Sell.

Williams Percent Range (14) for CSCO stock shows: −16.20 Value - Sell.

Simple Moving Average (10) for Cisco stock shows: 57.30 Value - Buy.

The final summary analysis of the indicators shows: SELL 4. BUY 2. NEUTRAL 1.

It is also always interesting to see your constructive comments below.

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