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Caterpillar Inc. Is one of the largest manufacturers of special equipment in the world. The company's stocks are "blue chips" on the US stock market and are included in the most famous stock indices: S&P 500 and Dow Jones Industrial Average. Each year, the Fortune business magazine lists the company in the Fortune 500 ranking. In 2014 Caterpillar was ranked 59th among the US corporations. Caterpillar Depot (NYSE:CAT) stock price online, charts, stock price history, technical and fundamental analysis, reports, dividends, comments and more.

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About Caterpillar Inc.

The predecessor of Caterpillar is the Stockton Wheel Company, which was opened in California in 1883 by brothers Henry and Benjamin Holt. The enterprise specialized in the production of agricultural machinery.

In 1925, the Stockton Wheel Company merged with rival C.L. Best Gas Tractor. This is how the Caterpillar Tractor Company appeared, headquartered in Illinois, USA from the early 30s to this day.

At the moment, the company has 480 divisions in 50 countries around the world: the USA, Great Britain, China, Australia, Singapore and other countries.

The company's products are known under the following brands: CAT, Caterpillar, Perkins, EMD and other brands.

The main direction is the production of special equipment for the following industries:

  • construction - production of units for construction, infrastructure projects: dump trucks, excavators, tractors;
  • mining industry - equipment for mining: drilling rigs, tractors, dump trucks;
  • transport and energy industry - equipment for the oil and gas industry, railway transport, power plants: piston engines, turbines, diesel-electric locomotives;
  • components: lubricants, filters, tires.

Additional areas of activity: finance and insurance, production of its own line of workwear.

The most significant dates since the foundation of the enterprise:

  • 1950 - the emergence of the first subsidiary in the UK - Caterpillar Tractor Company Ltd .;
  • 1962 - Caterpillar shares appear on the stock market;
  • 1963 - the company together with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. started production of special equipment in Japan;
  • 2011 - the company became the largest manufacturer of single-bucket excavators.

The company receives the largest turnover on sales in North America and the Asia-Pacific region ($ 25.6 and 12.5 billion, respectively, at the end of 2018).

What is Important for an Investor to Know?

The initial public offering of Caterpillar stocks took place in 1925 on the New York Stock Exchange. The company pays dividends on a quarterly basis. In 2018, stockholders received $ 0.78-0.86 per stock, which corresponds to a yield of 2-2.47% per annum.

Caterpillar stocks are listed on many global exchanges, including:

  • Frankfurt Stock Exchange, FSE.
  • Munich Stock Exchange, MSE.
  • Bolsa Mexicana de Valores, BMV.
  • Vienna Stock Exchange, WBAG.
  • And also the French, Chilean, Argentinean, Brazilian, London stock exchanges.

At the same time, the total trading volume on all these sites does not exceed 5% of the average on the NYSE.

The company's dividend payments have been showing stable growth over the past 10 years.

The company's shares are included in the calculation base for many stock indices, including: Dow Jones Composite, STOXX Global 150 EUR Price, Dow Jones Industrial Goods & Services, S&P Global 100, S&P 100, Dow Jones Large-Cap, S&P 500 Industrials, Dow Jones Sector Titans Composite, NYSE Composite и S&P 500.

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Caterpillar ($CAT) Bounce made New All Time Highs. What’s Next?

Good day Traders and Investors. In today’s article, we will look at the past performance of Caterpillar Inc. ($CAT). In our last article we explained that the stock has reached the Blue Box area where a bounce can happen. This is how we saw it back in Sep 2022.

$CAT ElliottWave September 2022 View (Weekly):

Caterpillar ($CAT) Bounce made New All Time Highs. What’s Next?

$CAT ElliottWave January 2023 View (Weekly):

Caterpillar ($CAT) Bounce made New All Time Highs. What’s Next?

The stock has managed to make a new low below July but was still within the $170- 128 Blue Box area. The new lows came at $160.59 on 09.26.2022 ending the correction against 2009 cycle at (II). The bounce from $160.60 has unfolded in an impulsive structure breaking all time highs which confirms that the correction has ended. Once wave ((1)) is completed, expect a pullback in 3 or 7 swings to correct the cycle against 09.26.2022 lows where we expect buyers to enter for a continuation higher. We like buying it at blue boxes against 09.26.2022.

Caterpillar Inc. Stock ($CAT) bounce is a Bull Trap. More Downside should take place soon.

Good day Traders and Investors. In today’s article, we will look at the past performance of Caterpillar Inc. ($CAT). In our last article we explained that the stock has reached the Blue Box area where a bounce can happen. This is how we saw it back in Sep 2022.

Caterpillar ($CAT) ElliottWave October 2022 View (Weekly):

Caterpillar Inc. Stock ($CAT) bounce is a Bull Trap. More Downside should take place soon.

Since Sep 2022 forecast, $CAT has managed to break below 07/11/2022 low in 3 swings at ((B)) with RSI divergence. It then found a bottom on 09.26.2022 and rallied impulsively. It is favoured to be correcting the cycle against May 2021 peak in an expanded flat structure and sellers should appear soon once the ((C)) has completed.

Flats are tricky and they tend to trap many traders into thinking that the reaction is impulsive which can give the impression that a new trend is unfolding. The only way to confirm that the Bottom is in on $CAT is for the stock to break the all time highs at $246.69.

We at Elliottwave forecast have developed a system to improve the reliability of the forecast and keep us ahead by using Market correlation, cycles, swing sequence, and distribution system and that system is telling us that $CAT is not done to the downside.

Elliott Wave Forecast: Caterpillar Inc. ($CAT) has reached inflection area. What’s next?

Caterpillar Inc. ($CAT) is an American Fortune 100 corporation that designs, develops, engineers, manufactures, markets, and sells machinery, engines, financial products, and insurance to customers via a worldwide dealer network. It is the world’s largest construction-equipment manufacturer. Caterpillar stock is a component of the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

Caterpillar ElliottWave September 2022 View (Weekly):

Elliott Wave Forecast: Caterpillar Inc. ($CAT) has reached inflection area. What’s next?

The Weekly Chart above shows the cycle from March 2020 low unfold in a 5 waves impulse structure. After the peak in late May 2021, CAT is now favoured to have ended a super cycle from 2009 lows and can be correcting it.

For now, it has pulled back in a double three structure (7 swings) . It hit the Blue Box area ($170.34 – 128.66) where a reaction higher took place. So far, the reaction higher has unfolded in 5 swings and is now pulling back in ((B)) where a bounce is expected to take place soon as long as the July low at 167.08 remains intact.

Any longs from the blue box should be risk free at this point. Whether the low at 167.08 will hold remains to be seen. We don’t like selling it but if we break below July lows then, we like to buy again at the next blue box area in red y.

Wave Analysis of Caterpillar Stocks

Consider a long-term forecast for Caterpillar stock on a monthly timeframe.

The main scenario for Caterpilar stocks is that the main third wave is developing with the goal of ending at $ 425.00.

At the moment, a small fourth correctional wave is being formed as part of the third intermediate wave.

Further impulse growth of the small fifth wave and the completion of the third intermediate wave are expected.

Then - the formation of intermediate, fourth correctional and fifth impulse waves, as part of the third main wave.

Cancellation of the main scenario, if the share price drops below the level of $ 169.49.

The upside potential of shares from the current price is 103%.
Investment attractiveness in terms of risk / profit - 1/6.
Dividend yield - 2.15% (in USD).

The first target is $ 360.00 - $ 365.00 (the end of the intermediate third wave).
The second target is 425.00 (the end of the main third wave).
Stop Loss - $ 169.49.

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