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Bitcoin Price Online | BTC USD Chart in Real TimeHow much is Bitcoin (BTC) worth today - online price chart in relation to the dollar. Price predictions and a chart of Bitcoin futures on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME). Where can you buy Bitcoin and how it works. The Bitcoin chart shows the change in the price of a cryptocurrency online. Bitcoin is the first ever successful cryptocurrency. It accounts for most of the cryptocurrency market capitalization and, although there are more technological projects, it is Bitcoin that remains the most popular cryptocurrency.
Bitcoin can be bought in a few seconds on the Cryptocurrency Exchange.

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Technical Analysis & Forecast BTC USD

Bitcoin Technical Analysis widget is a modern handy tool that shows ratings based on technical indicators data. The design of the widget is made in the form of a speedometer, thanks to which you can quickly see the results of the summary technical analysis. You no longer need to use many indicators for analyzing financial instruments, the widget will do it for you. In addition, all rating data are updated in real time. These technical indicators are used for technical analysis: Relative Strength Index, Stochastic, Commodity Channel Index, Average Directional Index, Awesome Oscillator, Momentum, MACD, Stochastic RSI, Williams Percent Range, Bull Bear Power, Ultimate Oscillator, Exponential Moving Average, Simple Moving Average, Ichimoku Cloud Base Line, Volume Weighted Moving Average, Hull Moving Average.

About Bitcoin

The main feature of the Bitcoin payment system is its complete decentralization - there is no administration or any other entities that can influence it independently. The first mention of Bitcoin appeared on the Internet on August 18, 2008. On this day, an unknown person registered the bitcoin domain. A theoretical description of the principle of functioning of electronic currency appeared on October 31, 2008. Also in 2008, a beta test of mining took place - the process of mining blocks. Bitcoin was launched in 2009, the first block was mined on January 3, and from that moment the history of the most successful cryptocurrency in the world began.

Behind the creation of Bitcoin is a person (or team) under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto, until now the identity of the creator of Bitcoin has not been established. The team of programmers continues to work on the code. Since this is an open source project, anyone can make suggestions for improvement.

At the start of its history, Bitcoin was practically worth nothing. Enthusiasts have been mining and making transactions just to keep the project running. Now the price of Bitcoin is in the tens of thousands of dollars.

The peculiarity of Bitcoin is that transactions are public, but impersonal. In the blockchain, you can study all transactions, starting with the very first, but it is impossible for an ordinary user to understand who is behind the addresses.

Compared to its competitors, Bitcoin has a rather slow confirmation of transactions - up to 10-15 minutes if the network is not overloaded. The sender sets the commission himself when making a transaction. In 1 Bitcoin, 100 million Satoshi is the minimum part of Bitcoin, named after the creator of the cryptocurrency.

Even at the design stage, the issue was limited to 21 million coins. The last BTC is expected to be produced in 2140.

To eliminate inflation, the so-called halving of the reward was introduced; on a certain block, the reward for the mined block is reduced. Immediately after the start, the miner's remuneration was 50 BTC, then - 25 BTC, 12.5 BTC and further downward. The halving occurs every 210,000 blocks.

Bitcoin uses a rather energy-intensive consensus algorithm called Proof of Work. When mining a block, miners are looking for a hash of the block, the mining speed directly depends on the power of the equipment (more hashing attempts are made per unit of time). In the early stages of the existence of the cryptocurrency, mining was carried out by the CPU and GPU, later, highly specialized devices - ASICs - were used for this.

Bitcoin has already gone through a stage where it could disappear due to a decrease in interest in it. In different periods of history, they tried to ban it at the legislative level, then they ignored the very fact of its existence. But in the end, many countries took a course towards recognizing Bitcoin as an official means of payment.

Japan was among the first; back in April 2017, it equated BTC and other cryptocurrencies with official means of payment. This means that in addition to individuals, Bitcoins can also be used by legal entities in their activities.

The capitalization of BTC exceeds 50% of the capitalization of the entire cryptocurrency market, if there is a strong growth in Bitcoin, most likely there will be an upward movement in other cryptocurrencies.

The reputation of the first successful cryptocurrency allows Bitcoin to feel calm despite the presence of more technological competitors.

Bitcoin remains an attractive target for medium and long-term investment, and high volatility allows you to make good money in intraday trading.

A large number of scalpers and short-term traders are interested in trading Bitcoin cryptocurrency, due to its unstable, but, as a rule, very high volatility - literally in a week, the Bitcoin chart can demonstrate a rise or fall of 50%.
Bitcoin can be bought in a few seconds on the Cryptocurrency Exchange.

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I stand by my prediction and my idea is confirmed by the fact that the pair is moving towards the target! Bitcoin Forecast



The BB lower band is nearby so BITCOIN is in the oversold territory. Thus, despite the downtrend on the 1W timeframe I think that we will see a bullish reaction from the support line below and a move up towards the target at around 44164.

Technical Analysis and Forecast of Bitcoin BTC/USD for October 5, 2022

Miners involved in bitcoin (BTC) mining have for years struggled with criticism related to high energy consumption, which translates into the environment. In search of solutions to the high energy demand for cryptocurrency mining, some countries have attempted to balance the amount, but still allow miners to run their current activities. To this end, the Argentine state-owned company - YPF - decided to supply unused gas to an international mining company, the media reported.

Martin Mandarano, CEO of YPF Luz, the YPF's renewable energy division, announced that a one-megawatt pilot project was launched in the south of Argentina three months ago. Its purpose was to provide energy generated from waste gases left over from oil extraction. Mandarano also mentioned that the company is working on another much larger - eight MW - pilot project. He announced his start at the end of the year. YPF Luz CEO said:

"We started to develop this generation pilot program to mine cryptocurrency with a vision for sustainability and business based on natural gas from a flare that cannot be used during the exploration and early exploitation of an oil field.

Attempts to Reduce the Carbon Footprint of BTC ".

Another example of efforts to reduce the carbon footprint of bitcoin mining is the Lumos Digital Mining mining pool operating in South Australia. It is trying to mine the first cryptocurrency using solar energy. The mine is thus trying to become the first energy supplier of this type in the region. It currently provides around five megawatts of electricity to minimize bitcoin's carbon footprint. Similarly, in western Colorado, Aspen Creek Digital has started operating solar-powered bitcoin mining.

Technical Market Outlook:

The BTC/USD pair has been seen testing the supply zone again. Only a sustained breakout above the levels of $20,221 - $20,580 would change the outlook to more bullish, so please keep an eye on this zone for a possible breakout towards the next target seen at $22,410. The market conditions on the H4 time frame are extremely overbought, so a local pull-back towards the level of $19,891 is possible. The nearest technical support is seen at $19,096 and $19,256. The swing low is seen at the level of $18,150.

Weekly Pivot Points:
WR3 - $19,869
WR2 - $19,490
WR1 - $19,335

Weekly Pivot - $19,190
WS1 - $18,955
WS2 - $18,731
WS3 - $18,351

Trading Outlook:
The down trend on the H4, Daily and Weekly time frames continues without any indication of a possible trend termination or reversal. So far every bounce and attempt to rally is being used to sell Bitcoin for a better price by the market participants, so the bearish pressure is still high. The key long term technical support at the psychological level of $20,000 had been violated, the new swing low was made at $17,600 and if this level is violated, then the next long-term target for bulls is seen at $13,712. On the other hand, the gamechanging level for bulls is located at $25,367 and it must be clearly violated for a valid breakout.

Technical Analysis and Forecast of Bitcoin BTC/USD for October 5, 2022

Bitcoin Reacting Lower From Elliott Wave Blue Box Area

In this technical blog, we will look at the past performance of 1-hour Elliott Wave Charts of Bitcoin. In which, the decline from 15 August 2022 high is unfolding as a nest and showed a lower low sequence.

Therefore, we knew that the structure in Bitcoin is incomplete to the downside & should see more weakness. So, we advised members to sell the bounces in 3, 7, or 11 swings at the blue box areas. We will explain the structure & forecast below:

Bitcoin 1 Hour Elliott Wave Chart

Elliott Wave Forecast: Bitcoin Reacting Lower From Elliott Wave Blue Box Area

Here’s 1hr Elliott wave Chart from the 9/27/2022 London update. In which, the decline to $18157 low ended 5 waves from 9/13/2022 high in wave ((i)) & made a bounce in wave ((ii)). The internals of that bounce unfolded as an Elliott wave double correction where wave (w) ended at $19541 high.

Then a decline to $18533 ended wave (x) pullback and started the (y) leg higher towards $19911- $20761 blue box area from where sellers were expected to appear looking for more downside or for a 3 wave reaction lower at least.

Bitcoin Latest 1 Hour Elliott Wave Chart

Elliott Wave Forecast: Bitcoin Reacting Lower From Elliott Wave Blue Box Area

This is the Latest 1hr view from the 9/28/2022 London update. In which the Bitcoin is showing a reaction lower taking place from the blue box area allowing shorts to get into a risk-free position shortly after taking the position. However, a break below $18157 low still needs to be seen to confirm the next extension lower towards $15773- $14685 area lower & avoid double correction higher.

If you are looking for real-time analysis in Bitcoin along with the other Crypto-Currencies then join us with a 14-Day Trial for the latest updates & price action.

Success in trading requires proper risk and money management as well as an understanding of Elliott Wave theory, cycle analysis, and correlation. We have developed a very good trading strategy that defines the entry.

Stop loss and take profit levels with high accuracy and allow you to take a risk-free position, shortly after taking it by protecting your wallet.

Bitcoin remained the second most popular trade after tech stocks in November, while 59% of investors believe crypto is a bubble, according to a monthly survey of global fund managers, Bank of America. “Most investors expect Bitcoin to stay between $ 50,000 and $ 75,000 over the next 12 months (20%), followed by 19% who believe that $ 25,000 to $ 50,000, while a decent portion of investors expect more 75 thousand dollars (25%) ", says the review.

If bitcoins are converted to dollars, then Bitcoin will be equal to 10 million dollars. But mere mortals will not understand this in view of the meagerness of the mind. Therefore, usually people say 1 bitcoin will be equal to 10 million dollars. It's easier to understand.

How much money is there in the world? $ 4.5 trillion to $ 75 trillion. If we consider only cash issued in the form of coins and banknotes - they are called money supply M0 - then the sum for all countries is equivalent to about 4.5 trillion dollars. If we add current deposits in banks, which at any time change to cash, this (together with cash) will be the money supply M1, and it is about $ 25 trillion. If we also take into account urgent bank deposits, we get the money supply M2 - about $ 55 trillion. The M3 money supply also includes long-term deposits (like pension) and government bonds, and it pulls in $ 75 trillion.

Attention Moon Rover took a second picture from space.

Wave Analysis of Bitcoin Price for 6 Years

It's just that it's interesting to check how accurately it will turn out to predict the movement of bitcoin for 6 years ahead. I post the forecast publicly without the possibility of deleting, editing, all my mistakes and hits you can always track, in this forecast.

There is a category of people who, seeing such long-term Bitcoin predictions, begin to answer: these are empty predictions. They seem to think that Wave Analysis is hourly and minute timeframes.

I won't argue - you are absolutely right - I have great coffee and a crystal ball.

Hopefully it won't let you down and I will repurchase Bitcoin in 2023 and take another growth cycle in 2025-2027!

Attached is a similar long-term forecast for Bitcoin from early 2020. You can check how the forecast worked.

Moon Rover took a picture from space.

28 january 2020

Wave Analysis of Bitcoin Price for 6 Years

I decided to look at the Bitcoin chart far away:

1. Movement within the double red parabola - a global bullish trend.

2. Blue Highs and Lows Trends - Form a fan with an intersection point at about 6666 in mid-2023.

Presumably, a correction will be directed there after the 2020-2021 tops update.

One of them is highlighted in bold - it defines the current two vertices.

3. The black trend line has been broken from the bottom up since the beginning of 2013 and has never broken down since then - acting as support. It was recently retested at 6500.

I admit its breakout at 5400 where MA-200 takes place on weeks and the 0.618 Fibo correction of 3500-13800 growth.

What will look like a false breakout on such a global chart. It is from this level that I draw the predicted movement with a yellow line.

Honestly, I would like the market to provide such an opportunity to add fiat savings.

But the penetration may not take place now - but much later. After all, a channel of red parabolas should eventually break straight trend lines. And the channel gradually rounds out to the horizon.

4) The pink trend line is also interesting. Above which were usually the tops of the iceberg, and below it the base. Where are we now? Under it - we are approaching a retest or a breakout.

5. The bold red line defines the peak of 2013, it very nicely indicated support in the second half of 2018. when we retested it multiple times from top to bottom and then struck and flew to 3500. Now it acts as the bisector of the angle formed by bold black and blue in which we are now and are under it.

Expectations: BTC is about to go through another peak in 2020-2021 which will be around $ 60,000-80000 per bitcoin. To start with the current ones or from 5400. Going lower to the 3500 update is also permissible, because it would be a logical retest of the lower red parabola and a W reversal formation.

Leave some fiat patrons just in case, and for this level, investors should. I will share 70-80% of fiat currency at 5400, 20-30% will be left for 3500. And if we do not break through the black one and will grow from the current ones, then I will work with what I have. And fiat currency - I will find where to use it.

Dear crypto community, I understand that you have euphoria from cryptocurrencies and profits. But the fact is that humanity is now on the verge of great changes. It is necessary to save the planet. Planet Earth suffocates and suffers from man-made factors

The end of the era of bitcoin has come. Humanity is looking for ways to save the planet. And bitcoin is bad for nature. More secure and controlled CBDC alternatives have been invented. It is precisely on CBDC that humanity will soon go over to abandoning bitcoin in order to save the planet.

A positive news background is now being created to lure people more in front of the historically epic Bitcoin dump. After the Taproot update, government officials expect systematic bans on bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general. There won't be any Bitcoin for $ 100,000, forget it. The world has changed dramatically since 2020: the environment is suffering, countries are at war.

Bitcoin is already at its maximum, further squeezing the price is impossible. Bitcoin needs a recovery in the form of a correction.

NEWS: Billionaire Tom Steyer saw an environmental threat in bitcoin

American billionaire, politician and environmentalist Tom Steyer, in an interview with Yahoo Finance, called bitcoin "a huge consumer of electricity" and a threat to the environment due to the dependence of the energy system on fossil fuels.

Steyer admitted that the first cryptocurrency would no longer be "so destructive" with the switch to renewables. He criticized businesses looking for cheap, dirty energy to maximize profits.

Discussions regarding the environmental impact of mining the first cryptocurrency escalated after Tesla's decision to suspend sales of electric cars for the first cryptocurrency due to the use of fossil fuels for its production.

Later, Elon Musk said that Tesla would resume sales for BTC when it receives confirmation that at least half of the miners are using renewable energy.

The founder and head of the BTC.TOP pool told him that as a result of the persecution of mining by the Chinese authorities, more than half of the bitcoin hashrate is already generated on the basis of green energy.

Musk has repeatedly spoken out on this topic and, according to the survey, his tweets about the dangers of digital gold mining for the environment negatively influenced the opinion of investors.

In July, the Bitcoin Mining Council, created by American miners, concluded that the share of renewable energy in the global bitcoin mining industry was 56%.

The community criticized the study, doubting its objectivity.

Recall that in September Bloomberg, citing the Bitcoin Electricity Consumption Index of the University of Cambridge, reported that electricity consumption by bitcoin miners exceeded the indicators of 2020.

Holders don't count! They are always in profit! And the rest? Those who drown for 30k, for 100k for Bitcoin? And they don't buy or sell! Are you getting worn out here ?! Are you offended at school, university ?! Classmates and classmates do not like ?! So they light up with people like me! In Cuba, Bora Bora ... Losers!))))))

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