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Apple Stock Price | AAPL Shares Chart Central Index Key (CIK): 320193 | ISIN: US0378331005 | Symbol: AAPL | Type: Stock.
Apple Inc. designs, manufactures and markets smartphones, personal computers, tablets, wearables and accessories worldwide. He also sells various related services. The company offers the iPhone, a line of smartphones; Mac, a line of personal computers; iPad, a line of multifunctional tablets; and wearables, home and accessories including AirPods, Apple TV, Apple Watch, Beats products, HomePod, iPod touch, and other accessories from Apple and third parties. Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) stock price online, charts, stock price history, technical and fundamental analysis, reports, dividends, comments and more.

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Technical Analysis Apple Stock

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Fundamental Analysis Apple Stock

The widget displays fundamental data that will help you better understand the current state of the company than simple stock prices. Apple stock fundamentals include: Market Capitalization, Enterprise Value, Balance Sheet, Operating Metrics, Price History, Margins, Income Statement, Dividends and many others important data.

Buying Apple Stocks - Means Profitably Complementing Your Investment Portfolio

Apple is one of the giants of the global economy and high-tech industry. The brand specializes in the production of smartphones, tablets, laptops, online services and software. Apple stocks are popular among investors, because the size of the issuer's annual revenue is a couple of hundred billion, the company pays dividends, and the value of securities is constantly growing.

If you are interested in how to buy and capitalize on Apple stock, check out the basic information about the company and the dynamics of the price of the stock in the chart above.

The brand was founded in 1976 by Steve Jobs, Ronald Wayne and Steve Wozniak in Cupertino (California, USA). The IPO was held in 1980. Apple shares began to actively buy already then.

Currently, the main offices are located in Austin (Texas) and Cupertino (California). A wide distribution network is deployed all over the world. The corporation has its own branded Apple Stores. Now they are represented in 25 countries of the world.

The central direction and key specialization is the development and sale of computer equipment for private and commercial consumers. Laptops and PCs MacBook, iMAC are used for office work, creation of design projects and web development. Another key area is the production of iPhone smartphones.

Also among the brand's products:
  • line of tablets (iPad);
  • Apple TV set-top boxes;
  • smart watch (Apple Watch);
  • portable players (iPod);
  • headset.
Popular online services launched by the firm:
  • Apple TV + (digital Internet TV);
  • Apple Pay (fast and secure online payments);
  • Apple Music (a service for listening and downloading music);
  • Apple Store.

A Brief History of Apple Stocks

There are several key dates in the entire history of the company:

1976 - 1990 - foundation, active growth, entry into the stock market.

1995 - 1996 - a crisis period in the life of the company, Apple quotations at that time were declining, and the amount of losses exceeded $ 1.9 billion.

1997 - Apple enters areas that are not directly related to computer technology. This is the beginning of the company's recovery.

2001 - the brand introduces a novelty - a portable iPod.

2003 - The iTunes Store online service was launched to view and download game, visual and audio content.

2007 - a new leap forward in the development of Apple, the first version of the iPhone appears - a smartphone that will become a cult smartphone.

2010 - dynamic progress continues, the price of Apple shares is constantly growing, the first iPad was presented to buyers.

2011 - the company becomes the largest in terms of capitalization in the world, the figure was $ 338 billion.

2020 - the company's total revenue for the third quarter is $ 59.7 billion, up 11% compared to the third quarter of 2019.

On August 24, 2020, the company conducted a 4:1 stock split. After the split, the price of the security was just over 100 USD.

Apple shares are traded on NASDAQ, London Stock Exchange, NYSE and other exchanges. A private investor can only buy Apple shares through a broker.

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Apple Stock Forecast

Apple Stock Forecast

Elliott Wave Forecast: Apple Stock (AAPL) Rally as a Flat

Short term Elliott Wave view in Apple Stock (ticker: AAPL) suggests the decline from 8.17.2022 high is unfolding as a zigzag Elliott Wave structure. Down from 8.17.2022 high, wave a ended at 133.20 and wave b rally ended at 157.50. The stock extends lower in wave c and the internal subdivision is in the form of a 5 waves impulse Elliott Wave structure.

Down from wave b, wave (1) ended at 148.19 and rally in wave (2) ended at 152.17. Apple then extends lower in wave (3) towards 137.40 and wave (4) rally ended at 142.67. Final leg lower wave (5) ended at 134.38 which completed wave ((1)) in higher degree.

Wave ((2)) rally is now in progress to correct cycle from 10.28.2022 high before the stock resumes lower. Internal structure of wave ((2)) takes the form of a flat. Up from wave ((1)), wave (A) ended at 141.43, and pullback in wave (B) ended at 134.59.

Wave (C) is in progress as a 5 waves and can see a few more upside before it turns lower. As far as 10.29.2022 pivot at 157.47 high remains intact, expect rally to fail and the stock to resume lower.

AAPL 30 Minutes Elliott Wave Chart

Elliott Wave Forecast: Apple Stock (AAPL) Rally as a Flat

Elliott Wave Forecast: Apple ( AAPL ) Calling The Decline After Elliott Wave Flat Pattern

In this technical article we’re going to take a look at the Elliott Wave charts charts of Apple AAPL stock. As our members know Apple stock has recently given us recovery against the 176.13 high that has unfolded as Irregular flat pattern. Once the stock completed flat correction, it made decline toward new lows as expected. Before we take a look at the real market example of Expanded Flat, let’s explain the pattern in a few words.

Elliott Wave Expanded Flat Theory

Elliott Wave Flat is a 3 wave corrective pattern which could often be seen in the market nowadays. Inner subdivision is labeled as A,B,C , with inner 3,3,5 structure. Waves A and B have forms of corrective structures like zigzag, flat, double three or triple three. Third wave C is always 5 waves structure, either motive impulse or ending diagonal pattern. It’s important to notice that in Irregular Flat Pattern wave B completes below the starting point of wave A. Wave C ends above the ending point of wave A . Wave C of Flat completes usually between 1.00 to 1.236 Fibonacci extension of A related to B, but sometimes it could go up to 1.618 fibs ext.

At the graphic below, we can see what Expanded Flat structure looks like

Elliott Wave Forecast: Apple ( AAPL ) Calling The Decline After Elliott Wave Flat Pattern

Now, let’s take a look what Elliott Wave Flat Pattern looks like in the real market.

Apple AAPL 4h Hour Elliott Wave Analysis 09.12.2022.

The stock has made 5 waves down from the 176.13 peak which suggests cycle from the peak is not done yet. After 3 waves correction we expect to see further decline. Currently AAPL is correcting the cycle from the 176.13 high. Elliott wave view suggests recovery is unfolding as Irregular Flat Pattern. When we downgrade charts to lower time frames , we can see waves inner subdivisions of ( A) and (B) blue are having corrective sequences. Wave B has broken the starting point of (A) while (C) has broken ending point of A which is characteristic of Irregular flat. Wave C red leg should complete as 5 waves soon.

Elliott Wave Forecast: Apple ( AAPL ) Calling The Decline After Elliott Wave Flat Pattern

Apple AAPL 4h Hour Elliott Wave Analysis 09.26.2022.

Apple stock ended ((B)) black recovery at 164.25 high and made turn lower as we expected. Eventually the price has broken previous low confirming next leg down is in progress. Now AAPL stock is showing lower low sequences from the 176.13 peak, suggesting further weakness toward 141.54 – 127.07 area.

Elliott Wave Forecast: Apple ( AAPL ) Calling The Decline After Elliott Wave Flat Pattern

Elliott Wave Forecast: Apple Stock (AAPL) Looking for Further Downside

Short term Elliott Wave view on Apple Stock (AAPL) suggests that the decline from 8.18.2022 peak is unfolding as a zigzag Elliott Wave structure. Down from 8.18.2022 high, wave ((A)) ended at 153.69 and rally in wave ((B)) ended at 164.90. Internal subdivision of wave ((B)) unfolded as an expanded Flat structure.

Up from wave ((A)), wave (A) ended at 159, dips in wave (B) ended at 152.68, and wave (C) rally ended at 164.90 as a 5 waves impulse. Up from wave (B), wave 1 ended at 156.37 and pullback in wave 2 ended at 154.46. Wave 3 ended at 164.26, wave 4 ended at 163.07, and final leg wave 5 ended at 164.90 which completed wave (C) of ((B)).

The stock has resumed lower in wave ((C)) which subdivides into another 5 waves in lesser degree. Down from wave ((B)), wave 1 ended at 163.02 and wave 2 ended at 164.89. Stock resumes lower in wave 3 towards 153.37. Wave 4 ended at 155.33, and final leg wave 5 ended at 153.26 which ended wave (1).

Wave (2) corrective rally ended at 157.10 and now stock resumes lower again in wave (3) of ((C)). Near term, while below 157.10, and more importantly below 164.91, expect Apple to resume lower.

AAPL 30 Minutes Elliott Wave Chart

Elliott Wave Forecast: Apple Stock (AAPL) Looking for Further Downside

Buy: $ 153.07
Take Profit: $ 180
Profit Potential: 23.29%

Apple continues to deliver strong growth and strong financial performance.

I don’t remember when, after the presentation of Apple’s new products, the stock price didn’t fall. So predictable! They begin to turn up their noses, criticize design, functions. But then they run, at the first delivery of "this phone", to redeem the iPhones! And Apple's stock quotes are creeping up. Buy a couple of Apple shares in the long run! Something like this!

$ AAPL I would like to clarify about Apple, namely the correction of Apple shares, which prompted many investors to buy shares, before the presentation of Apple, and she, in turn, presented "IPhone 12" under the name IPhone 13. Apple is doing well now, I think everything they understand it. Therefore, I am planning to buy a couple more Apple shares on the resulting correction, what do you think about this?

Well, as we thought, September is still living up to its reputation as one of the difficult months on the stock exchange of the year. Yesterday was also no exception. The inflation data came out lower than everyone expected, and the positive was enough only until the main session. American colleagues are a little nervous and understandable. Dealing with uncertainty is challenging, and corporate debt rates are constantly on the rise. How not to worry? As a result, yesterday all important stock indices closed in negative territory.

The highlight of Tuesday was the annual Apple $ AAPL launch. Apparently, their marketers decided to take the principle of work from the pioneers of America. We will give you beautiful glass beads, and you will give us more money for this. But the investor is a seasoned people, and it seemed to them not enough beautiful straps and new colors. As a result: the growth of Apple shares did not happen, on the contrary, Apple shares went into negative territory. Now let's see if fans will appreciate the September 24th when they go on sale. How do you like the novelties? Have you looked after something for yourself?

Apple stock technical indicators show data:

Relative Strength Index (14) 70.47 Neutral
Stochastic %K (14, 3, 3) 92.12 Neutral
Commodity Channel Index (20) 186.87 Neutral
Average Directional Index (14) 19.61 Neutral
Awesome Oscillator 5.38 Neutral
Momentum (10) 6.98 Buy
MACD Level (12, 26) 2.42 Buy
Stochastic RSI Fast (3, 3, 14, 14) 92.97 Neutral
Williams Percent Range (14) −4.47 Neutral
Bull Bear Power 8.24 Neutral
Ultimate Oscillator (7, 14, 28) 60.90 Neutral

Moving Averages
Exponential Moving Average (10) 152.40 Buy
Simple Moving Average (10) 151.62 Buy
Exponential Moving Average (20) 150.46 Buy
Simple Moving Average (20) 149.90 Buy
Exponential Moving Average (30) 148.88 Buy
Simple Moving Average (30) 148.68 Buy
Exponential Moving Average (50) 145.89 Buy
Simple Moving Average (50) 146.66 Buy
Exponential Moving Average (100) 140.23 Buy
Simple Moving Average (100) 137.89 Buy
Exponential Moving Average (200) 131.55 Buy
Simple Moving Average (200) 132.67 Buy
Ichimoku Base Line (9, 26, 52, 26) 150.88 Neutral
Volume Weighted Moving Average (20) 150.11 Buy
Hull Moving Average (9) 155.69 Buy


Why have I been waiting for a correction in the US stock market for a long time? And I can wait a long time, but it will happen.

1. The growth in the market capitalization of many companies does not correlate with the growth of their own revenues. That is, companies are growing in price, but at the same time they have not earned more. It's a bubble.

2. A huge number of zombie companies. These are the companies that do not earn anything, but live only on credit money. There are more than 40% of such in the American stock market. One can imagine what will happen if the Fed's key rate is raised. And there will be a number of corporate defaults. For example, in China, many companies are now going bankrupt, which have collected loans and cannot pay off them.

3. There is a huge number of individuals on the market who trade with leverage. This speaks of the euphoria in the market. The amount of credit money for which people trade almost on highs for the entire time. This money will sooner or later flow into other hands.

4. The correction, which we saw in the Chinese market, as a leading factor for the European, Russian and American markets. China began to cool down its economy in February. Let's see what other countries will respond to.

The trader will say: “why hold, fix the minus and put on short” But that's what he is a trader for. I came to the stock exchange not for speculation, but for long-term investments (this is easier and calmer for me). I am sure that if you get into trading and quick speculation without experience, you can break a lot more. Looking at this minus in securities, I reassure myself that all stocks cannot fall for a long time.

My global AAPL target is $ 180 and hope to see it next year.

My global AAPL target is $ 180 and hope to see it next year.

But first, the decline in stocks. In the meantime, a fall of $ 135.7 is being drawn.

Also, a fall by $ 117.85 is not excluded, in the event of a deep correction in the nasdaq.

AAPL plans to host several events this fall, with the first in September and the second in November. Bloomberg's Mark Gurman writes about this in his weekly newsletter.

Attention dear sirs. Now Technical Analysis shows Apple stocks on the daily timeframe, a strong signal: -STRONG BUY-

Attention. Now the Technical Analysis shows a strong signal on the daily timeframe:

Here's what data I show technical indicators:

Attention. Now the Technical Analysis shows a strong signal on the daily timeframe:

Tell me, does it make sense to buy Apple shares now? I just think that there will be a steep drop, because it has been growing for 2 months in a row, but ahead of the presentation of new iPhones, I began to doubt this.

And I want to quickly have the next split on Apple stocks, so that the stocks will be added.

Let Apple's share price be below $ 140, I'm sure. The question is when? Possibly soon!

With such reports, below $ 145 will not work, here we fight off a powerful support line from it and will consolidate forward by $ 150 -\/-

Which ones? The previous 2 reports also exceeded expectations, but the stock retreated to the support level. Why is the $ 145 support level, and not the $ 146 resistance level, which she also knocks on?

Good day!

Elliott wave analysis of Apple stocks shows the following wave counting. Three scenarios for AAPL stocks.

Wave Analysis of Apple Stocks from Simple Invest

1. Continuation of the movement in the ascending channel. If the wave counting is correct, the 4th wave, in principle, should not be deep. Growth Targets: 162-167 $$.

2. Breakdown of the triangle downwards, but strong support of $ 108 can resist, then we will push off from it and grow in the 5th wave.

3. Breaking the triangle down and working out the figure to the target of $ 82.

It is also always interesting to see your constructive comments below.

Most likely at the moment the local correction of the Apple stocks is over.

Probable targets for growth are 157.5 - 164.5 $ per AAPL stocks. After that I am expecting a powerful correction in the area of $ 85 - $ 90.

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