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Tesla Stock Price | TSLA Shares Chart Central Index Key (CIK): 1318605 | ISIN: US88160R1014 | Symbol: TSLA | Type: Stock.
Tesla, Inc engages in the design, development, manufacture, and sale of fully electric vehicles, energy generation and storage systems. It also provides vehicle service centers, supercharger station, and self-driving capability. The company operates through the following segments: Automotive and Energy Generation and Storage. The Automotive segment includes the design, development, manufacture and sale of electric vehicles. The Energy Generation and Storage segment includes the design, manufacture, installation, sale, and lease of stationary energy storage products and solar energy systems, and sale of electricity generated by its solar energy systems to customers. It develops energy storage products for use in homes, commercial facilities and utility sites. The company was founded by Jeffrey B. Straubel, Elon Reeve Musk, Martin Eberhard, and Marc Tarpenning on July 1, 2003 and is headquartered in Palo Alto, CA.

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Technical Analysis Tesla Stock

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Fundamental Analysis Tesla Stock

The widget displays fundamental data that will help you better understand the current state of the company than simple stock prices. Tesla stock fundamentals include: Market Capitalization, Enterprise Value, Balance Sheet, Operating Metrics, Price History, Margins, Income Statement, Dividends and many others important data.

Tesla Stock - an Investment in the Future of Technology

Tesla Motors quickly became one of the most promising companies on the global stage. In 2020, its cost exceeded $ 0.5 trillion. After the publication of reports for the third quarter of 2020 (the most successful in the history of the company), Tesla shares on the NASDAQ rose 3.3% in one trading day. In August 2020, Tesla decided to split the stock after hitting an all-time high of over $ 1,800 apiece to make it more accessible to private investors. They were split 1: 5, after which the price dropped to $ 400. By the end of the year, the electric car maker's securities continue to rise in price and hold at $ 640 apiece.

A Brief History of Tesla Stocks

2003 - the beginning of the history of Tesla, among its founders was Elon Musk;

2005 - the company launched the Model X and Model 3. In addition, Tesla Motors began to dynamically expand the network of Tesla Supercharger charging stations. Now it is a developed structure, and it is easy for electric car owners around the world to plan trips by tracking the availability of stations on a GPS map;

2009 - Musk announces the Tesla Model S five-door electric car. The start of its sales fell on 2012, since then the model has been repeatedly improved and updated;

2010 - the company successfully completed an IPO (initial public offering). On the first day of trading alone, the share price skyrocketed 41%;

2014 - an impressive success of the company, more than 55 thousand Tesla S cars were sold;

2019 - Tesla's revenue is growing rapidly. The main reasons for this are the launch of a plant in Shanghai, an increase in sales to 367 thousand cars a year and a demand for a budget Model 3.

2020 has been an unprecedentedly successful year for Tesla. In the third financial quarter, capitalization reached $ 390 billion (for comparison, in the same period last year, the figure was $ 40 billion). After four profitable quarters in a row, the company has conquered another high - at the end of December 2020, it is included in the S&P 500 index (the 500 most expensive US companies listed on the American stock exchanges). Against this background, the issuer's securities continued their growth.

What Factors are Helping Tesla Grow

Marketing. Musk knows how not only to run a business, but also to put on a show. An example is the campaign with the flight of the red Tesla Roadster to Mars. This masterfully crafted news item has spread all over the top media.

Active construction of a network of Supercharger charging stations along key highways throughout the United States. Another bonus that attracts drivers is the ability to use charging stations for free.

The company is increasing its production of cars. Production began at factories in Shanghai and Berlin. Thanks to them, the company is more actively moving outside the US market.

A company strategy that focuses on the pursuit of a dream. The main thing for Musk and his associates is to create a fundamentally new product. At the same time, the goal of making money quickly fades into the background.

The company lacks a rigid hierarchy. Any idea or question can be referred directly to the guide. Talented and promising specialists are selected for the team.

All of the above adds up to a non-standard business model even today. It is being analyzed now and, for sure, they will try to repeat it in the future.

Tesla Stocks: A Promising Investment Opportunity for Investors

In the fast-paced world of the stock market, Tesla (TSLA) has emerged as a dominant player and a sought-after investment opportunity. Founded by visionary entrepreneur Elon Musk, Tesla has captivated the market with its revolutionary electric vehicles and innovative sustainable energy solutions. For investors seeking to diversify their portfolios and tap into the growing clean energy market, investing in Tesla stocks can prove to be a wise move.

One of the key factors driving the appeal of Tesla stocks is the company's impressive financial performance. Tesla has consistently delivered strong revenue growth and exceeded market expectations. In the second quarter of 2021, Tesla reported record-breaking revenues of $11.96 billion, a staggering 98% increase compared to the same period last year.

Moreover, Tesla continues to dominate the electric vehicle market, maintaining a significant market share. The company's flagship vehicles, such as the Model S, Model X, and Model 3, have gained widespread popularity due to their cutting-edge technology, impressive performance, and sleek design. Tesla's dominance in the electric vehicle space is further solidified by its vast Supercharger network, which provides convenient charging solutions to Tesla owners, making long-distance travel viable and accessible.

In addition to its automotive prowess, Tesla is well-positioned to benefit from its ventures in sustainable energy solutions. Tesla Energy, the company's energy division, focuses on solar energy generation and energy storage solutions. With a growing global focus on clean energy and a shift away from fossil fuels, Tesla's foray into the renewable energy market positions it for long-term success.

Another compelling aspect of investing in Tesla stocks is the leadership and vision of Elon Musk. Musk's entrepreneurial acumen combined with his ability to push boundaries and disrupt conventional industries has earned him a cult-like following. His ambitious goals, such as achieving fully autonomous driving and establishing sustainable colonies on Mars, continue to captivate investors and industry observers alike. Musk's track record suggests that he has the potential to revolutionize multiple industries, making investing in Tesla an opportunity to be part of a future-driven mission.

However, it is crucial to note that investing in Tesla stocks also comes with its share of risks. The volatile nature of the stock market, along with increased competition in the electric vehicle sector, can result in fluctuations in Tesla's stock price. Additionally, regulatory challenges, supply chain constraints, and potential issues with scaling production could impact Tesla's profitability. Therefore, investors must carefully evaluate their risk appetite and conduct thorough research before committing to investing in Tesla stocks.

To conclude, Tesla stocks present an enticing investment opportunity for investors seeking exposure to the rapidly growing electric vehicle and clean energy markets. Tesla's impressive financial performance, dominance in the electric vehicle space, and visionary leadership make it a compelling choice for those looking to diversify their portfolios. However, it's essential to keep in mind the inherent risks associated with investing in a volatile market. With a thorough understanding of the risks and a long-term investment approach, Tesla stocks could prove to be a rewarding investment for astute investors.

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According to financial analysts and experts, the Tesla stocks forecast for 2024 is highly anticipated and subject to significant speculative interest. It is essential to approach this topic with the understanding that stock markets are inherently unpredictable, and thus any forecast should be taken as an informed estimate rather than a guaranteed outcome.

Several factors contribute to the forecasts surrounding Tesla stocks in 2024. Firstly, the company's continued innovation and widespread adoption of electric vehicles have positioned Tesla as a leader in the industry. The anticipated growth in the global electric vehicle market is expected to drive Tesla's revenues and ultimately support its stock value.

Furthermore, Tesla's plans for expansion, particularly in emerging markets like China, play a crucial role in the stock forecast. Market experts predict that Tesla's presence in China, the world's largest automotive market, will continue to grow, leading to increased vehicle sales and a positive impact on the stock performance.

Additionally, advancements in battery technology and Tesla's focus on sustainable energy solutions provide an optimistic outlook for the company's future. As the demand for renewable energy sources steadily rises, Tesla's investments in solar energy and energy storage solutions could contribute significantly to its revenue streams, positively influencing stock valuations.

However, it is crucial to acknowledge potential risks and uncertainties that may impact Tesla's stock forecast. Factors such as intense competition within the electric vehicle market, government regulations and policies, and geopolitical tensions can have both positive and negative implications on Tesla's stock performance. Therefore, these variables should be carefully considered before making any investment decisions.

Moreover, global economic conditions and investor sentiment will undeniably play a crucial role in determining Tesla's stock performance in 2024. Market volatilities, inflation rates, and other macroeconomic factors can greatly influence investor confidence, thereby impacting stock prices.

In conclusion, while the Tesla stocks forecast for 2024 is subject to uncertainties, several factors indicate a positive outlook for the company. Tesla's innovation, expansion plans, and focus on sustainable energy solutions all contribute to an optimistic forecast. However, it is essential to exercise caution and consider various risk factors and external influences that may affect Tesla's stock performance.

Tesla Stocks Forecast - Prediction for 2024

Tesla Stocks Forecast - Prediction for 2024

TSLA: Weekly Blue Box May Lead Tesla Towards New Highs

Hello Traders, in this article we will analyze the Weekly cycle of TSLA ( Tesla ) and explain how might be calling for new highs. Tesla, Inc is an American multinational automotive and clean energy company headquartered in Austin, Texas. It designs and manufactures electric vehicles (electric cars and trucks), battery energy storage from home to grid-scale, solar panels and solar roof tiles, and related products and services. Tesla is one of the world’s most valuable companies and, as of 2023, is the world’s most valuable automaker.

Incorporated in July 2003 by Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning as Tesla Motors. The company’s name is a tribute to inventor and electrical engineer Nikola Tesla. In February 2004, via a $6.5 million investment, Elon Musk became the largest shareholder of the company. He has served as CEO since 2008.

Specifically, Tesla Stock ended the first leg of its Super Cycle back on 11.04.2021 following by an expected pullback. For each cycle or grand super cycle there is an end. A pullback needs to take place before any possible further continuation higher.

In TSLA, wave (I) ended at 414.33 from the all time lows since it has been listed in the stock exchange in 2010. The pullback came in the form of a Zig Zag (5-3-5). The Guidelines in Elliott Wave for the Zig Zag suggests that is a corrective 3 waves structure labelled as ABC with a subdivision of wave A and C is 5 waves, either impulse or diagonal. And wave B can be any corrective structure. Here’s how it looks:

Elliott Wave Zig Zag (5-3-5)
TSLA: Weekly Blue Box May Lead Tesla Towards New Highs

Let’s have a look now at TSLA weekly chart and analyze the move alongside what could be happening next.

TSLA Weekly Weekend Update 06.11.2023
TSLA: Weekly Blue Box May Lead Tesla Towards New Highs

Once ended the connector b wave within (II) we where able to present to our members the weekly blue box area. Between $107.52 – $58.54 area we were expecting it to end c of (II). Since the low from January 2023 at $101.82 the reaction looks impulsive and currently within it’s wave ((3)). Soon to be entering into a series of ((4)) and ((5)) before ending the first leg I higher. Furthermore the view is supported by correlating it with other Stocks or Indices as well.

Additionally, overall the stock should see further upside longer term and the wave (III) within the super cycle & may lead to much higher prices than 2021. Members of Elliott Wave Forecast that bought the stock within the blue box area are now risk free. The area may have provided a generational buying opportunity for the next couple of years.

Elliott Wave Forecast: Tesla Stock (TSLA) Downtrend Should Start Again

Short term Elliott Wave view in TESLA Stock (ticker: TSLA) suggests the decline from 8.16.2022 high is unfolding as a zigzag Elliott Wave structure. Down from 8.17.2022 high, wave ((A)) ended at 198.33 and wave ((B)) rally ended at 237.43. The stock extends lower in wave ((C)) and the internal subdivision is in the form of a 5 waves impulse Elliott Wave structure.

Down from wave ((B)), wave 1 ended at 210.09 and rally in wave 2 ended at 223.71. Tesla then extends lower in wave 3 towards 175.39 and wave 4 rally ended at 180.01. Final leg lower wave 5 ended at 171.91 which completed wave (1) in higher degree.

Wave (2) rally is completed as a double correction structure. Up from wave (1), wave W ended at 194.52, and pullback in wave X ended at 182.50.

Wave Y bounce finished at 200.93 and the whole structure of wave (2). Wave (3) has already started and TSLA should continue to the downside as far as pivot at 200.93 high remains intact.

Near term, it needs one more low to complete an impulse as wave 1. Then, it should see 3 corrective swings higher as wave 2 before turning lower again.

TSLA 45 Minutes Elliott Wave Chart

Elliott Wave Forecast: Tesla Stock (TSLA) Downtrend Should Start Again

Let's recap the past week.

The US market is growing today. SP500 approached the resistance of 4160 points. For 3 days in a row, resistance did not allow to grow further and there were rollbacks, as we will see this time tomorrow.

Initial jobless claims fell from 211k to 200k in a week (forecast: 210k)
In May, employment in the private sector increased by 128 thousand after 202 thousand in April (forecast: 300 thousand). We are waiting for the key report on the US labor market for May on Friday.

Chinese companies are growing along with the US. Bilibili shows itself well +11.67

Overcame the important resistance of EMA 50. Now it is important to gain a foothold at $25. It is still difficult to grow further RSI has come to the oversold zone. In principle, speculatively, you can fix profits. There is strong resistance in the form of a trend line around $26 (the former lower border of the 2021 descending channel)

The Russian market has been declining for the fifth day. The fall may last until the support level of 2290 points. There are no drivers for growth, as well as positive news from the word at all.

S&P 500 (US 500 index) +1.41%
Nasdaq (US Tech Index) +2.46%
Golden Dragon (100 Chinese companies listed in the US) +4.59%
KWEB (50 Chinese tech companies) +5.57%

“I have a very bad feeling about the economy,” Elon Musk announced the dismissal of about 10,000 Tesla employees.

The entrepreneur sent out emails to staff with the bad news. The company, according to Musk, needs to "cut about 10% of its employees" (which is about 10,000 people) and, in addition, suspend hiring around the world. The head of Tesla said he had a very bad feeling about the economy.

Businessman Elon Musk lost $16.9 billion in one day. The reason for this was the publication in the media that the founder of Tesla ordered to reduce the staff of the automaker by 10%.


I see a zigzag pattern developing as a fourth wave correction. Still move up in form of wave c of Zigzag correction is left. Thereafter a decline in form of wave 5 should unfold. All the best.

Experts disagree on the future prospects of Tesla's business.

On the positive side: amid the electric car revolution, the market could grow by $ 5 trillion over the next ten years, and Tesla, as the market leader, will get half of it.

From the negative: Tesla does not yet see any special drivers for the growth of securities, but they expect that the demand for Tesla cars will be stable.

Technically, the shares are correcting, on the 4-hour chart the quotes are trading in a sideways channel, with the lower boundary of the strong support of $ 1000, leaning towards a short-term downtrend. When falling out of the channel, the nearest support is the level of $ 900.

Bottom line: As we can see, demand will only grow, but at the moment, the price of Tesla shares depends on the news background.

CNBC presenter Jim Cramer has offered his list of stocks in the biggest winners on Wall Street in 2021. The Mad Money host also shared his biggest disappointments as the stock markets approach their final trading days of the year.

Summarizing 2021, I think this is the perfect time to give away fantastic gifts ... to those who helped us make money by giving out profits and to those who caused real financial damage to our portfolios, Kramer said.

Tesla shares $ TSLA
Kramer said the Tesla CEO "revolutionized" the auto industry and "made a fortune for his Tesla shareholders." The electric car maker's shares are up 51% in 2021, bringing Tesla's market capitalization to over $ 1 trillion.


Kramer said Beijing's decision this year to tighten regulatory oversight of the stock markets was bad news for many Chinese stocks. He said that is why he now believes that investors should avoid Chinese equities.

Gentlemen help. The million dollar question! Where to invest $ 1,000,000? So in order to invest money and forget for half a year, and then log into your account and take your profit +300,000 dollars no less !!!). I understand no one can give guarantees. But maybe someone still has a strong reasoned opinion? I consider both American and foreign stocks.

Tesla paid off a $ 465 million loan from the US Department of Energy nine years earlier, and thus the company had to pay a "prepayment penalty." This was recently mentioned by CEO Elon Musk in a comment on Twitter.

Musk said Tesla's decision in Germany was in part due to the lessons the company learned from the United States. The CEO noted that the onerous loan terms ultimately exceeded the value of the money Tesla received. As such, the company decided to repay the $ 465 million loan ahead of schedule, even if it had to pay the "early repayment penalty."

An interesting decision, with whose money he paid this fine not with you and me (selling part of Tesla stocks)?

Tesla Stock Forecast - Get Your Money!

Good afternoon, dear traders and investors!

I present to your attention the development of a trading idea for the Tesla Stock.

So, according to our trading recommendation for a decrease in the price from October 7, the instrument has fully worked out the short scenario:

Tesla Stock Forecast - Get Your Money!

Congratulations to those who took advantage of this trading idea!

SELL Tesla Stock 1220. Take Profit 1000

$$$ Profit 220 USD per One Tesla Stock $$$

Investors, traders and holders of Tesla $ TSLA shares after they started reading the correspondence between Elon Musk and Bernie Sanders on Twitter ...

"Oh, I'm in danger"


For the most part, people buy stocks hoping that their value will rise. If the stock is up, the investor has made money.

But can you make money from falling stocks?

The answer is simple - of course you can) !!!

Buying shares in anticipation of their growth is called a long position - LONG.

If you think that the stock is overvalued now and should go down soon - then you go short - SHORT.

Good luck on the Stock Exchange!

Musk found another reason to sell the shares in full! Previously, he arranged a questioning, now he is waiting for an excuse from Bernie

To the attention of the owners of factories and ships, here's an example.

If technical and fundamental analysis for stocks does not work, then start typing short messages on twitter ...

And here again .. Tesla shares continue to be manipulated on the stock market :-)

Elon Musk responded on Twitter to Vermont Senator Barney Sanders, Chairman of the US Budget Committee (?!). The idea that the rich should pay more taxes to the budget.

Want me to Sell more stock Tesla, Bernie? Just say the word ...

And here again .. Tesla Stocks Continue to be Manipulated

After such comments Elona, I think that tomorrow we will see a continuation of the decline in Tesla stocks on all fronts ...

Hello traders, sorry for off-topic:

I looked at a lot of comments and there is a question:

Why do people buy / sell cheap stocks 100-200 times with a difference of +/- $ 5-10?

Intellectually understand that this is trading, but the point in this mouse fuss?

Thanks for answers!

Placed a pending order to sell Tesla stosks. Tomorrow we will open with a big gap down..

I hope everyone made money on such a frank insider on Tesla stocks?

In the present tense, everything happens quickly in the stock market.

Tesla stocks - if everyone thinks that Tesla's stocks price will fall, then the stocks price will go up. Who decided to sell Tesla stocks - I feel sorry for you ..

Musk will sell 10% of his Tesla stocks!
Will pay 13% tax on the sold!
Will buy Tesla shares that have fallen in price with the money remaining from the deduction, thereby launching $ TSLA stocks into Space!
His actions will be repeated by other investors from the top of Tesla and other devoted fans!

And I will wait for Tesla to fall and, I hope, will not miss the start!

A very difficult setting in 2-3 actions. Of course, the owner decided to sell 10% of the stocks .. this is a fall in the share price, but most likely the game is more subtle.

Predicted variant of events for the trading session November 8, 2021 - November 12, 2021 for Tesla stocks:

High volatility in the Tesla share price.

False breakouts of Tesla stock price maxima are possible.

False breakouts of the lows of the Tesla stock price are also possible.

Many investors will decide to sell at least 10% of Tesla stocks, like Elon Musk, and at the maximum, investors will sell 100% of the stocks.

Therefore, in the classic, or logical forecast of Tesla shares, there will be a decrease in the Tesla share price.


Will we see a drop or a rise in Tesla stock tomorrow?

$ TSLA Tesla tokenized stock FTX fell 6% today. These are spot tokens for real shares, which are serviced by CM-Equity (their regulator is located in Germany) and can be redeemed with ordinary shares with their help.

Conclusion: someone who owns access to such specific sites and who has access to such tools goes to cash.

Someone will commit long on Monday at premarket?

$ TSLA suggests that Max has started another multi-move. Now Tesla shares are at their peak and in case of positive news, the quotes will break through the stratosphere. It is necessary to "cool the public", at the same time to resolve the issue of taxes and fix the profit himself, since he does not receive a salary, plus debts on payment of options have accumulated. Also, this gesture may slow down the law on "paper profits" and replenish the balance of the Federal Reserve.

Then a new version of FSD is released, the Berlin plant is launched, the hungry are fed and a lot of other things are possible, and the quotes return to their historic highs, and there may be an additional issue or split. We have already extinguished volatility with the introduction of trading robots and other gadgets. I think there are a number of factors behind a moderate reduction in the share.

Profit to everyone!

The mood of investors and Tesla stockholders today.

The mood of investors and Tesla stockholders today.

Elon Musk on Twitter:

Lately, a lot has been based on the fact that unrealized profits are a means of tax evasion, so I propose to sell 10% of my Tesla shares.

We need information from really understanding people. How will this action from Elon affect the shares?

Tesla Stock Price BUY SELL


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