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Invest in Stocks and ETFs. Investments for Everyone.

Every client has the opportunity to develop their own trading strategies using our digital solutions and direct connection to international stock exchanges at the best order price. Trade the US, European and Asian markets on the pre-market, intra-day or long-term horizon.

Savings D-account. 6,41% per annum in USD and 8,76% p.a. on placements in EUR. Daily interest accruals. Withdrawal available anytime.

More than 1,000,000 stocks, ETFs, stock options, futures and other exchange-traded assets.

Access to the 15 largest stock exchanges in America, Europe and Asia.

Investment ideas. Stock picks with 71% average return from Bloomberg-awarded analysts.

Convenient web platform and mobile applications. for easy trading and clear management of your portfolio.

Invest in Stocks and ETFs

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Open and close trades anywhere, anytime - our trading platform and digital applications for iOS and Android make it possible.

  • Trading system with pending and market orders
  • Quotations and price charts in real time
  • Integrated currency exchange
  • Market and limit orders, stop loss and take profit
  • Up-to-date notifications on trading events
  • View order history, order status and executed trade orders
  • Track the status of your current portfolio
  • Fully English interface

Trading system with pending and market orders

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Largest markets - 40,000 shares.
Blue chips and promising start-ups, S&P 500 Dividend Aristocrats and Four Asian Tigers, tech giants, local players and the German automotive industry. Choose stocks of the most reliable and fastest growing companies and add them to your portfolio in just a couple of clicks.

Implement any trading strategy.
Build a long-term portfolio and invest in growth stocks. Trade short using borrowed funds and receive dividend payments.

1,500 ETFs for diversification.
Invest in entire industries with one click. Buy all S&P500 stocks in one trade and gain dividends from all constituents at once. How? Use ETF. Trade in 1,500 ETFs of iShares, Vanguard, BlackRock and other major asset management companies.

Maximize savings at up to 6.4% p.a. in EUR and up to 8.8% p.a. in USD.
Trade stocks, ETFs, stock options and bonds at favorable conditions. Unlock your investments with professional analytics and client support at every step. Based on variable EURIBOR and SOFR rates respectively. Actual rates may differ.

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We are Freedom Finance Europe, the USD 3.8 billion European subsidiary of Freedom Holding Corp and the only Nasdaq-listed broker in Europe and Asia. We have a European CySEC license and the 'BB' long-term credit rating assigned by Standard & Poor's Global Ratings. We are accountable to the regulators – CySEC and SEC. Transparent, reliable and open to everyone.

Why is it important to invest?

You have definitely invested in the past, that is, invested your resources so that they benefit you today:

  1. you went to university and invested your time and energy in self-development
  2. you invested your money to buy a flat or a car to live more comfortably
  3. you invested your time and attention into relationships with loved ones in order to be happy
  4. you put money aside for a deposit or invested in a business

These are all serious investment decisions in which you have considered risks, allocated resources and made a profit.

Money is an important resource; it affects our lives

The source of money is employment or your own business. According to statistics, in Europe the most favourable and active period for earning money is between the ages of 24 and 64. After that, there is a drop in income, and you are no longer in demand. This is when you become the most vulnerable in terms of income.

To maintain a comfortable standard of living in older age, you need to manage your money correctly today and build up capital for when you retire. In addition to a decent pension, a large sum of money may be needed for your children's education, their first adult life purchases, and real estate.

What happens to the money you don't spend today but simply save in a bank account or keep at home? It depreciates, you lose it, and inflation eats away at it.

Inflation is a rise in prices and a reduction in the purchasing power of money. Because of inflation, you can buy fewer goods and services with the same amount of money each year.

Let's say you have 10,000 euros that you keep at home or just let sit idle in a bank account, like in a safe. Now imagine that it has been sitting like that for ten years. All that time, they have been eaten up by inflation. So technically, in 10 years you will have the same 10,000 euros, but you will be able to buy much less with it.

Post-pandemic inflation is rising worldwide. In the Eurozone, it was 5.9% in February 2022. So let's imagine inflation will be the same over the next ten years. What do you think your money will turn into?

Yes, this rate of inflation will eat up 43% of your money over ten years: €10,000 would turn into €5636.

Unfortunately, inflation is beyond our control; it depends on global economic factors. But we can take control of our resources: invest a little time and effort to make money work for you, beat inflation and make a profit.

Investments can help beat inflation and make money

The most conservative and understandable way of saving money is a bank deposit. But deposit rates in Europe are low, and some banks have negative rates. This means that you will have to pay to keep your money on deposit. Furthermore, this way of investing money and fighting inflation won't even allow you to simply maintain your savings. Not only will you lose some of the value of your money over the years, but you will also miss out on opportunities to earn money.

Investments in the stock market offer greater returns than a deposit. For example, from 1991 to 2021, the main stock market investment instruments yielded the following returns:

  • European equities — 10.7% p.a
  • US equities — 8.155% p.a

Here is how the most popular stocks grew between 01.04.21 and 01.04.22:

Why is it important to invest?

The magic of compound interest increases investment

Historical stock returns are impressive, but you can earn even more if you:

Regularly invest, not just once. For example, save and invest an additional small amount once a month.

Ensure that the interest earned on investments is used to invest in securities again, i.e., reinvested. The money is not withdrawn but is always working, and the interest accrues on the previous interest. This is the magic of compound interest; such interest accelerates the growth of your savings and investments over time.

Go back to your €10,000 that has been sitting around for ten years and has been eaten up by inflation and devalued. Let's do something different: invest the money in US stocks to build up your pension, educate your children or make other significant expenditures in the future.

Let's assume that the return on US equities remains the same at around 8% p.a., although the past performance of investment instruments does not guarantee future returns. Let's use the magic of compound interest, i.e. we won't withdraw the interim profit but reinvest it in securities. The result will be € 21,589 in 10 years, which means that you will earn a profit even with high inflation, and your money will not lose its purchasing power.

About Us

We are international online broker Freedom Finance Europe Ltd operating under the Freedom24 brand. We provide our EU clients with everything they may need for successful investments – direct access to the world's largest stock exchanges, professional securities analytics, user-friendly trading applications and responsive client support in your language.

Freedom Finance Europe is a subsidiary of international investment group Freedom Holding Corp. The holding's stocks are traded on Nasdaq, and its activities are regulated by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Its official representative offices and agents are located in Cyprus, Germany, Spain and Greece. We have gained the trust of hundreds of thousands of clients who trade in securities with us daily, both inside and outside the EU daily.

We comply with MiFID II. We rigorously follow the EU regulatory regime with the world’s highest investor protection level. European regulation. CySEC license and certification in all EU member states. Also reporting to SEC and BaFin.

Guarantees by the Investor Compensation Fund. Your funds are protected by the EU laws and insured for an amount of up to EUR 20,000. Reliability proven by audits. We undergo regular audits and due diligence procedures held by KPMG, SEC-authorised consortium BDO, as well as S&P and Euroclear.

International rating agency Standard & Poor’s Global Ratings assigned us the "B/B” long-term credit rating. As part of the Association for Financial Markets in Europe, we are engaged in developing initiatives in the regulation of European capital markets.

We are on Nasdaq

Trading system with pending and market orders

Trading system with pending and market orders

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