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Technical analysis of Dogecoin DOGE cryptocurrency

Majority stopped talking about Dogecoin . The hype is gone, and the fear is up!

Before reading, get rid of your moonboy mentality and no emotions for dips/corrections! Cannot rule bearish scenarios! Dips are for buying!!

People are so focused on the hourly/ daily timeframe that they get emotional on every dip! Take a step back to the weekly/ monthly timeframe and see why I'm so bullish now. Stop looking at the short-term dips/rise. Short term is irrelevant for the move that is coming!

You can't be emotional in these markets (stocks, forex, crypto, real estate, etc.). You will lose this game following the news and doing what the majority does. News creates emotions. Everything you need to know are on the charts. News are manipulated by the elites, and they take advantage of our emotions. Stop listening to the news and pay more attention to the charts. Don't follow the majority, because the majority will lose in the end! Also, don't buy the hype when everyone is buying. instead buy the fear when everyone else is selling

Everything is on the chart! Cryptocurrencies are on the verge of exploding higher. Dips/Corrections are normal and needed in a bull market and are buying opportunities! Huge gains opportunity in the coming months! Never trade blindly. Use multiple indicators to make calculated decisions. Trade with no emotions!

1. We are within the triangle formation. Breaking out w/body close of candle confirms a bullish move to the upside!
2. The past 8 years, we have been hitting the Resistance line in price! We hit it 3 times and rejected! We broke out and retested turning to support!
3. Stochastic RSI - When we cross, we 18x-318x in price! Did we just cross on the 2week?
4. RSI - its highly oversold on the 2week! Will start taking profit when we reach green box below!

Buy Targets: $0.16 - 0.17 (Corresponds to the 0.5 and 0.618 Fibs. Red line. May not get hit!)
Target: $1.35 - $2.09

"If you can't beat the fear, do it scared!"

"Be fearful when others are greedy, and greedy when others are fearful!" - Warren Buffet.

"Markets are a device for transferring money from the impatient to the patient. - Warren Buffet

"Show me the charts, and I'll tell you the news." - Bernard Baruch

"The secret to investing/trading is figuring out how rich you want to be and how poor you're willing to become."

"If you want to live like the 5% of the population who are hugely successful, then don't act like the 95%!"


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