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Dear crypto community, I understand that you have euphoria from cryptocurrencies and profits. But the fact is that humanity is now on the verge of great changes. It is necessary to save the planet. Planet Earth suffocates and suffers from man-made factors

The end of the era of bitcoin has come. Humanity is looking for ways to save the planet. And bitcoin is bad for nature. More secure and controlled CBDC alternatives have been invented. It is precisely on CBDC that humanity will soon go over to abandoning bitcoin in order to save the planet.

A positive news background is now being created to lure people more in front of the historically epic Bitcoin dump. After the Taproot update, government officials expect systematic bans on bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general. There won't be any Bitcoin for $ 100,000, forget it. The world has changed dramatically since 2020: the environment is suffering, countries are at war.

Bitcoin is already at its maximum, further squeezing the price is impossible. Bitcoin needs a recovery in the form of a correction.

NEWS: Billionaire Tom Steyer saw an environmental threat in bitcoin

American billionaire, politician and environmentalist Tom Steyer, in an interview with Yahoo Finance, called bitcoin "a huge consumer of electricity" and a threat to the environment due to the dependence of the energy system on fossil fuels.

Steyer admitted that the first cryptocurrency would no longer be "so destructive" with the switch to renewables. He criticized businesses looking for cheap, dirty energy to maximize profits.

Discussions regarding the environmental impact of mining the first cryptocurrency escalated after Tesla's decision to suspend sales of electric cars for the first cryptocurrency due to the use of fossil fuels for its production.

Later, Elon Musk said that Tesla would resume sales for BTC when it receives confirmation that at least half of the miners are using renewable energy.

The founder and head of the BTC.TOP pool told him that as a result of the persecution of mining by the Chinese authorities, more than half of the bitcoin hashrate is already generated on the basis of green energy.

Musk has repeatedly spoken out on this topic and, according to the survey, his tweets about the dangers of digital gold mining for the environment negatively influenced the opinion of investors.

In July, the Bitcoin Mining Council, created by American miners, concluded that the share of renewable energy in the global bitcoin mining industry was 56%.

The community criticized the study, doubting its objectivity.

Recall that in September Bloomberg, citing the Bitcoin Electricity Consumption Index of the University of Cambridge, reported that electricity consumption by bitcoin miners exceeded the indicators of 2020.


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