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If bitcoins are converted to dollars, then Bitcoin will be equal to 10 million dollars. But mere mortals will not understand this in view of the meagerness of the mind. Therefore, usually people say 1 bitcoin will be equal to 10 million dollars. It's easier to understand.

How much money is there in the world? $ 4.5 trillion to $ 75 trillion. If we consider only cash issued in the form of coins and banknotes - they are called money supply M0 - then the sum for all countries is equivalent to about 4.5 trillion dollars. If we add current deposits in banks, which at any time change to cash, this (together with cash) will be the money supply M1, and it is about $ 25 trillion. If we also take into account urgent bank deposits, we get the money supply M2 - about $ 55 trillion. The M3 money supply also includes long-term deposits (like pension) and government bonds, and it pulls in $ 75 trillion.


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