The Best Canary Islands Hotels

The Best Canary Islands Hotels

Eight islands in the Atlantic Ocean where you can disconnect, step back from your daily routine and go home with new-found energy. Discover their volcanic nature, relax on heavenly beaches, explore ancient forests, let your gaze soar out over dizzying cliffs and ravines, see yourself and immerse yourself in crystal-clear waters…

The Canary Islands are the place with the most hours of sunlight in Europe, 3000 per year.

Enjoy an extraordinary variety of landscapes and discover infinite new experiences. Oh! And remember the gastronomy, whether it’s traditional or the new cuisine championed by prestigious chefs. And don’t forget to discover the island’s amazing historical or cultural heritage either – that of the first settlers or modern times. Best of all, visit whenever you like, at any time of year. You’re in the islands of eternal springtime. You’re in the best climate in the world. Come and see for yourself.

Revitalise yourself!

The 10 Best Canary Islands Hotels

Spending hours at the beach, sunbathing on the sand and taking refreshing dips in the sea relaxes your mind and body. But connecting to forests, mountains or striking volcanic landscapes also recharges our energy. And nights stargazing. Or listening to the waves breaking as we enjoy a delicious supper by the sea.

And the sunsets? Watching them in the best company, sipping a Canary Islands wine with a designation of origin, is enough to make anyone forget about time and just intensely enjoy the moment. Not looking down your nose at a spa or thalassotherapy session either, followed by a rejuvenating massage, in any of the many specialist establishments. Or you can simply spend an afternoon enjoying your accommodation, of which there is a wide variety.

All this, and much more, make the Canary Islands the islands of revitalisation, a great, outdoor, recreational space that can be enjoyed at any time of year and from which you will return home renewed.

The nature of the Canary Islands is remarkable: 146 protected areas, including its four national parks, three marine reserves, and seven biosphere reserves.

A land of volcanoes and astonishing nature

Millions of years have passed to make them as they are today: eight islands that slowly surfaced from the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. Volcanic islands where life sprung up and managed to make a space for itself, turning this archipelago into one of the most biodiverse places in the world. Imposing volcanoes and enigmatic lava fields that coexist with lush forests; stark, rolling landscapes that alternate with deep ravines covered in flora; fertile valleys that end in abrupt cliffs… A land of a thousand colours and a blue sea, a place where species live that are one of a kind on the planet. And if you look up, there it is: a clean, transparent sky inviting you to try and count the stars.

Ask and you shall receive…

Just a few days in the Canary Islands give you time to do a lot. Above all, they give you the energy to enjoy a long list of activities day-in and day-out. Doing some ‘wind and waves’ sports, such as surfing or windsurfing, exploring the seabed, seeing beautiful whales and dolphins swimming in the wild… On land, we can go hiking or take a ride on a camel, enjoy ourselves at top-quality water parks or go to the zoo, or botanical gardens, aquariums, museums and archaeological sites. In addition, there’ll always be time to go shopping and have some energy left over to enjoy the evening somewhere trendy or go to a show or concert.

The Canary Islands is one of the regions with the greatest biodiversity on the planet, with almost 4,000 endemic species.

So close and so safe!

The best climate, marvellous beaches, an extraordinary variety of landscapes, endless things to do as a couple, with friends, with the family or on your own… It’s a privilege to be able to enjoy all this and more just a few hours from any European city. As well as being physically close, the lovely people of the islands will make you feel right at home. A unique destination that is secure thanks to following the highest European standards, with top-class healthcare and essential services. The Canary Islands have reinforced and implemented new health and safety measures to minimise risks.

The 10 Best Canary Islands Hotels