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Live well. Invest well. Let's go! Access +71,000 ASX, Wall Street and international stocks, forex, exchange-listed options, ETFs, CFDs, crypto, bonds, futures, and more.

Invest in stocks or trade on leverage

Choose from a wide range of products for cash and margin trading, across global markets. Whatever you trade, get what you need to make confident decisions from advanced tools, trading inspiration and market research.

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Trade local and international stocks. Anywhere, anytime

Invest in 23,500+ stocks from ASX, New York, Hong Kong and 50+ other global markets. Sharpen your strategy with curated stock insights. With your Saxo account you’ll get access to research on stocks, investment inspiration, live market updates, expert analysis, podcasts, webinars and more – all available in your trading platform.

Diversify faster by buying baskets of stocks. Exchange-traded funds are a cost-effective and fast way to diversify your portfolio by investing in a basket of stocks that tracks a specific market index or sector.

Trade Forex on an award-winning platform

Access 185 Forex spot pairs and 130 forwards across majors, minors and exotics, crypto, plus spot metals, from only 0.4 pips. Tier-1 liquidity gives higher fill-rates, fewer premature stop-outs and significant price improvements. Benefit from integrated Trade Signals, news feeds and innovative risk-management features. With 1,000,000 satisfied customers, Saxo Markets offers world-class service around the clock.

A smarter way to trade crypto

Whether you’re looking to speculate on short-term price action or playing the long game, trading Crypto FX pairs with Saxo is the secure, flexible and hassle-free way to invest in cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ethereum and many more.

Manage your crypto trading on an easy-to-use platform and don’t worry about crypto wallets, cold storage or recovery seeds.

Go long or short with leverage to capitalise on rapid price movements, or invest long-term in cryptocurrencies against major currencies on mobile or desktop.

Keep your focus on price movement. You don’t own or store the coins, so you don’t need to worry about crypto exchange hacks or losing access.

Trade with a licensed and ASIC regulated broker that protects your funds, on a reliable platform fine-tuned over 30 years.

Trade commodities on an award-winning platform

Trade a wide range of commodities as CFDs, futures, options, spot pairs or exchange traded commodities (ETCs).

Go long or short with 20+ commodity CFDs covering energy, agriculture, metals, and emissions, using a leverage ratio up to a max of 5:1.

Express a view on commodity price movements with exchange traded futures contracts.

Access a wide a range of futures options on energy, metals and agriculture.

Trade the price of gold against 12 currencies, including the US dollar, euro, yuan and Swiss franc, or spot trade silver, platinum and palladium.

Track the performance of individual commodities, the entire commodity sector, or a sub-sector.

Buy shares in a wide range of companies intrinsically tied to the commodity market, including lithium mining and oil firms.

24-hour expert service

Whether you’re a high- or low-volume trader, you’ll receive first-class support tailored to your needs.

Integrated digital support
Access our self-service support centre, email helpdesk and a range of educational courses.

24-hour customer service
Get support for technical matters and account queries whenever markets are open.

Relationship managers and sales traders
Active traders benefit from a dedicated point of contact and access to our world-class trading experts.

Exclusive VIP services
Receive our very best prices, priority support and exclusive event invitations.

Trusted for more than 30 years

Saxo Bank is a fully regulated broker with offices in 15 countries, serving 1,000,000+ clients globally.

Fully regulated
We adhere to the strictest regulatory standards, and are fully licensed and regulated in Australia. Saxo is regulated in 15 jurisdictions across Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Financial strength
We’re a financially stable company with a robust balance sheet. We serve clients in 170 countries, hold 100+ bn USD in AUM and process 1m transactions daily.

Multi-award winner
We’ve been consistently recognised by our industry and have won the highest accolades for our products, platform and service.

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